The caption of BLACKPINK’s photo appears with a flower icon, will BLACKPINK make a comeback in the spring of 2023?

There are signs that BLACKPINK will make a comeback in spring, but the year is unknown!

For a group that hasn’t made a comeback for more than 500 days like BLACKPINK, their fans want nothing more than YG to release their new music products as soon as possible. BLACKPINK’s fans are always looking forward to each and every signal that is “hinted” in advance about the group’s comeback, such as a new post by Universal Music Group (the parent company that promoting BLACKPINK in North America and Europe).

BLACKPINK has been on hiatus for so long…

Specifically, Universal Music Group‘s Instagram account posted photos of BLACKPINK and each member of the group with the caption, “#BLACKPINK… but make it spring“, with a flower icon. Having waited for BLACKPINK to make a comeback for so long, BLINKs immediately assumed that the above caption and the strange flower icon were a sign that the 4 girls from YG are about to return in spring.

BlackPink comeback
Universal Music posted BLACKPINK photos and hinted at the girl group’s comeback this spring?

However, not everyone showed positive responses to BLACKPINK’s comeback hint on the post of Universal Music Group. Earlier, BIG BANG, BLACKPINK’s senior group, announced that they would make a comeback in spring but confirmed the comeback date on April 5th. Therefore, fans believe that they would have to wait longer for BLACKPINK’s turn. Some people even suspect that BLACKPINK might have to wait until the spring of 2023 to release their new songs!

Fans’ comments:

  • April is already scheduled for BIG BANG. BLACKPINK might wait until May or June
  • “Spring” according to YG might actually be our summer…
  • Please don’t tell me it would be Spring of 2023

BIG BANG previously promised to return in spring but confirmed their comeback date to be April 5th

So it is still unknown in the spring of which year will BLACKPINK’s comeback happen!

In fact, there is still hope for fans with signals of the 4 girls having finished recording their songs since YG deleted Somi’s livestream video in which she accidentally revealed an unreleased part of Jennie singing. BLACKPINK members also promised to fans that they would make a comeback soon. However, no one is sure about whether the girl group will return this spring or the spring of next year. We can only continue to wait for an official announcement from YG.

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