The way to catch idols who are dating secretly revealed by a member of a 16-year-old girl group

Hyo-yeon talked about a way to catch idols who are having secret romantic relationships she heard from her manager.

Girls’ Generation Hyo-yeon, who is about to celebrate her 15th debut anniversary this year, recently met with Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul and SISTAR’s Soyou on SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen” and talked about “Idols’ Pandora box”.

Following Kim Hee-chul’s love story during his debut days, Soyou also mentioned the prejudice against idols dating each other. In particular, K-pop idols often use the same hotel when they perform at big K-pop concerts overseas, so many people think that would be the place for idols to date. 

Soyou said that it was hard for idols to date at such a place because there were separate floors for men and women and bodyguards on each floor. Upon hearing that, Hyo-yeon added, “Idols who date secretly using their iPhones can easily be caught.”

Hyo-yeon revealed the secret that many idols dated using Airdrop, a file transfer function on iPhone, to date secretly. Airdrop displays the names and lets you know which iPhone users are close to you. All the cast members were surprised.

Hyo-yeon said that her manager told her that secret. She continued, “Some idols who dated secretly were actually caught by their managers in that way. My manager said he would try that method at the next SM TOWN concert”, drawing laughter.

Hyo-yeon released her first mini-album “DEEP” in May. Ahead of Girls’ Generation’s group comeback in August, she is appearing together with the members on JTBC’s entertainment show “Soshi Tamtam”. 

Source: daum

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