Ex-NU’EST Kim Jong Hyun’s agency, “Punishments are necessary. We’ll respond strongly to invasion of privacy”

On March 17th, Kim Jong Hyun’s agency Evermore Entertainment stated, “We would like to make a notice about some concerns that fans have recently expressed”, adding “Our company was aware of actions that threatened the privacy and safety of our artist, and we have been monitoring the individual who has repeatedly engaged in such actions.”

Kim Jong-hyun

The agency stated, “Despite this, we have come to a conclusion that these repeated actions are classified as ‘invasion of privacy’, and punishments are necessary”, adding “Therefore, the official fan club status of the person who has threatened the artist’s safety will be canceled from today, and they will also be prohibited from participating in all schedules related to the artist.”

They added, “If any further violations of the artist’s privacy or other disorderly acts are detected, we will respond even more strongly. Our company will continue to prioritize the safety of our artists, and do our best to ensure a safe working environment for them.”

Source: Nate

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