Korean media chose the top 8 “actors of 2021”: Kim Seon Ho entered the list despite scandal, Jung Ho Yeon surpassed many other top star to get high ranking

Newbie actress Jung Ho Yeon surprisingly entered this list!

Recently, news site Joynews conducted a survey of Korean works and actors that perform well in 2021. 200 industry experts and entertainment reporters participated in the vote.  And below are the “top 8 actors of 2021” selected by the voting board of this news site.

Top 8: Lee Byung Hun, Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Je Hoon, Ryu Jun Yeol, Jo Han Cheol, Kim Myung Min

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

Ranked 8th in the poll this time are 6 famous names mentioned above.  All of them have successfully completed their roles, helping these works to achieve remarkable achievements.  In particular, in this issue, Lee Je Hoon excelled with two works “Move To Heaven” and “Taxi Driver”.  This actor will probably win many good prizes at the SBS Drama Awards.  The rest of the names are also all talented stars.

Top 7: Song Joong Ki, Jo Jung Suk

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"
Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

Joining the top 7 in this ranking are two stars Song Joong Ki of Vincenzo and Jo Jung Suk of Hospital Playlist. Both of their characters have won the hearts of viewers. Song Joong Ki and Jo Jung Suk are two of the most popular actors in this year’s tvN dramas, so it’s no surprise that they’re in the top 8. However, compared to the acting ability and achievements of these two stars, the seventh place appears to be not as expected. 

Top 6: Kim So Yeon

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

6th place is none other than Kim So Yeon with her impressive role as Cheon Seo Jin in the blockbuster Penthouse.  With the role of a villain, Kim So Yeon promoted her overwhelming acting ability, making the character stand out and attract more attention than all the female cast in the film.  Along with this character, Kim So Yeon won the Best Female Lead award at the end of 2020 SBS Awards, followed by the Best Female Lead at the Baeksang Arts Awards a few months ago.

Top 5: Jung Ho Yeon

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

Surprisingly, Jung Ho Yeon, a rookie, outperformed many seniors and was ranked 5th among the actors of 2021. Originally a model, Jung Ho Yeon only challenged herself as an actress through the hit Netflix series Squid Game, but her acting talent has completely conquered the audience. It is this role that has helped her fan base increase rapidly in just a short time. We’ll have to wait for her next projects to get a better idea of her acting abilities, but Jung Ho Yeon surely has a bright future ahead of her.

Top 4: Kim Seon Ho

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

4th place belongs to Kim Seon Ho, the “Hong Banjang” of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.  With a warm, friendly appearance, Kim Seon Ho has completely become the all-rounder and delicate Hong Du Sik in this drama and won the hearts of the audience.  The cheerful scenes or moody scenes, even the crying scenes, were perfectly performed by Kim Seon Ho. It can be said that Kim Seon Ho is the most notable actor in this 2021.

Top 3: Koo Kyo Hwan

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

Another star born thanks to this year’s Netflix movie is actor Koo Kyo Hwan of D.P: Deserter’s Pursuit. And he has completely entered the top three in this ranking, demonstrating how highly the industry values the actor’s performance. Koo Kyo Hwan has been in the industry for a long time, playing a variety of supporting roles. He’s been waiting for his chance to shine, and 2021 is it. Hopefully, the actor will have a better year in 2022. 

Top 2: Youn Yuh Jung

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

Youn Yuh Jung, a “Oscar-winning actress,” is ranked second in the actor ranking in 2021. Her work Minari has become famous all over the world this year, bringing honor to Korea. Youn Yuh Jung has had a 54-year career in which she has played a variety of roles. She is constantly changing her image and trying out new roles. Hopefully, she will continue to contribute and participate in many more excellent works in the future. 

Top 1: Lee Jung Jae

Korean media chose the top 8 "actors of 2021"

And leading in the ranking of the art council Joynews for the title of actor of the year is Lee Jung Jae, the male lead of the hit movie Squid Game.  As a capable and elegant actor with countless cool roles, this time, Lee Jung Jae shed all his cool images to transform into the “loser” character Sung Ki Hoon in Squid Game. Lee Jung Jae‘s acting ability has been praised by audiences not only in Korea but also around the world.


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