“RM, expensive interior ★ No.1… Owing non-measurable furniture” (TMI SHOW)

Studio and home interiors of RM, leader of the global idol group BTS, were unveiled.

Lightsum Yujeong, Nayoung and interior designer Jasson appeared on the cable channel Mnet’s “TMI SHOW“, which aired on June 8th.


On this day’s broadcast, Boom picked RM as the first place in “Expensive interior of a star that arouses the desire to own it” and said, “The art museum that comes up the most on RM’s Instagram. RM’s aesthetic sense is high-class. That sense, the so-called ‘small art museum’, can be seen here.

RM house

Boom surprised everyone as he revealed, “RM’s outstanding aesthetic sense was certified by his arranging cute props in the warm woodtone studio. Proof of world class at a glance. The most striking coffee table is a work of furniture master George Nakashima, whom Steve Jobs also likes. It costs about 13.3 million won. Aside from it, the dining table and stools are all Nakashima’s works. The price of the two pieces of furniture is about 48 million won and 12 million won, respectively. Besides, the display cupboard and floor lamps are also Nakashima’s works, but the price cannot be measured.

RM house

He continued, “The work that occupies the center of RM’s studio is the work of the late artist Yoon Hyung-geun, priced at about 164 million won. I guess it’d be higher now. He also owns works of Lee Bae, Park Dae-sung, Jean-Michel and Murakami Takashi. The total is more than 300 million won.

He added, “The ‘horse’ of sculptor Kwon Jin-kyu in the house is estimated at about 300 million won. Modern master Kim Whanki’s work is estimated at about 195 million won. Pottery artist Kwon Dae-seop’s ‘Moon Jar’ is estimated at about 58 million won. Artist Jung Young-joo’s ‘The Disappearing Hometown’ and ‘The Disappearing Landscape’ are about 50 million won and 68 million won, respectively. In addition, he is said to have additional artworks worth more than 1.2 billion won.


Meanwhile, “TMI SHOW” is a chart talk show program in which stars directly reveal TMI (Too Much Information) related to themselves.

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