BTS Jungkook when asked if V is handsome: praised his groupmate for 40 seconds straight

BTS Jungkook couldn’t hold back praise for his group member V. 

On June 7th, Jungkook went on a V App livestream to communicate with fans, where he talked about recent events and made small conversations. 

BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook used V App to communicate with fans. 

Suddenly, a fan commented: “Taehyung (real name of BTS V) is handsome.” Which Jungkook noticed and immediately replied: “Absolutely!”, then started to talk about V for 40 seconds without stopping.

“I think he’s the most handsome person I’ve ever seen, truly. The photos of my brother always come out so cool. Wow, sometimes I really admire him, and question how a person can look like that. Admittedly, he’s really handsome no matter which perspective you’re looking at”, the male idol said. 

Fans were amazed at Jung Kook’s rant. 


Meanwhile, netizens greatly sympathized with Jungkook’s reaction. Needless to say, V is recognized for his outstanding visuals by fans all around the world.

On topics regarding Jungkook’s live, numerous wrote comments like: “Jungkook will see all kinds of things from the sidelines, but I wonder if he admires him like that.”, “I saw BTS in real life, and they really look like sculptures”, and “The older he becomes, the more handsome he gets”.

At the same time, there were praises for Jungkook, such as “Jungkook is handsome too. The combination of the two visuals is good”, “Jungkook and V are both handsome boys.”

Source: Dispatch

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