Korean idols’ unique ways to give spoiler about their comebacks!

Idols can surprise everyone with the ways they give fans some “hints” about their music projects.

Fans are always looking forward to their idols’ new music projects, they hope that these projects will take place as soon as possible. But in all cases, companies want to keep secrets about the new projects until the last minute. However, there are usually some “insiders” who can’t help but “hint” fans with new information.

Sehun (EXO)

The title “Spoiler King” should belong to Sehun (EXO), as he had a unique method to reveal the name of EXO’s comeback song. He used to post a photo of Koko biscuits on his Instagram.
And right after that, Sehun continued to confuse everyone when he uploaded a photo of rice (in Korean, rice is pronounced as “bop”) with the aiming of dropping the spoiler of the song named: “Kokobop”.


GOT7 boys were the same, looks like they couldn’t keep the secret anymore that they clearly made the dance moves of “Never Ever” like this!

Sana (TWICE)

While having an exciting moment on stage, Sana “accidentally” hinted the dance move of the song “Likey”. That’s why Jungyeon, who was standing next to Sana, was quite shocked and lightly hit her member to remind Sana to be careful.

Jaehwan (Wanna One)

Jaehwan (Wanna One) seemed to like “Beautiful” choreography very much. In front of a great amount of audiences in a rehearsal, he enthusiastically and happily danced to the song’s choreography, making other members quickly stop him.


SEVENTEEN is also named in this list thanks to many times that they gave some hints at new music products. And it was so clear this time!


G-Friend members used to give spoiler about the lyrics of “Fingertip” 9 months prior to the release of this song. In a show, they kept repeating the word “ttang ttang ttang”, which might sound a little but meaningless, but actually, these were the lyrics for G-Friend’s later song.

Wonho (MONSTA X)

MONSTA X fans may still remember this awkward moment of Wonho. In a Vlive broadcast, while communicating to his fans, Wonho suddenly turned on a background song and unfortunately, the chosen song was “Déjà vu”, which was supposed to be released later. His startled expression gave everyone a big laugh.

Somyi (DIA)

One of the funniest “spoiler accidents” in Kpop history belong to Somyi, as she unconsciously sang a line of DIA’s new song on Vlive to say goodnight to her fans.


Vlive may be the most convenient tool for fans to get more information from idols, as once again, on Vlive, RM obviously introduced a pillow within the BT21 collection. Fortunately, he pulled himself together and ignored the pillow after that.

Jihyo (TWICE)

At the beginning of June, in a livestream, because she was so excited, Jihyo made some dance moves that is considered the point dances of TWICE’s summer comeback song. This assumption can be true as Nayeon and Mina also did the same moves. Moreover, Dahyun’s reaction to these moves were suspicious. All these things make fans believe that this is the point dance of the title song “Dance the night away”, which will be released on September 7th.

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