SISTAR Soyou reveals the moment when a man flirted with her during her trip in Thailand

Soyou encountered pick-up lines when she was having a drink with her friends in Thailand.

On June 16th, SISTAR Soyou uploaded a video titled “First visit to a Bangkok club on Soyougi with Grass!” on her Youtube channel “SOYOUGI”. The released video shows Soyou and her friends on their trip to Thailand. During the trip, they visited a food stall. While enjoying local food, the man sitting next to Soyou started talking to them.


The man introduced himself as a Muay Thai champion and said to Soyou, “I will buy you two bottles of beer”. Soyou’s friend refused, “It’s okay. This girl has more money than you”.

However, the man continued to flirt with Soyou, saying “My heart is making me do it”. Soyou and her friends accepted the man’s offer, saying “Things like this are all memories”. Soyou then thanked the man by offering a cheer of beer, drawing attention. Soyou and her friends quickly finished their food and left.

Source: Insight

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