Korean celebrities rejected by YG Entertainment: From SM top vocalist to star actor Park Bo Gum

YG Entertainment rejected many top stars, as well as almost missed out on many top talents 

Each Kpop agency has different standards when it comes to picking their trainees, and all big 3 companies have their moments of missing out on huge talents. Of course, YG Entertainment is no exception, with 9 faces below all becoming top stars after being rejected by the company. 

1. Chungha

Before becoming as huge of a solo artist as she is now, Chungha auditioned for many big companies, including JYP and YG Entertainment. However, she was rejected by YG right from the first round.

Chungha’s audition video for YG Entertainment

Later on, Chungha appeared on the Mnet survival show “Produce 101”, earning the 4th position there and debuting with the project girl group I.O.I. After I.O.I disbanded, Chungha moved on to become a top Kpop soloist with immense popularity, charting high with all of her songs. She recently dropped her newest title “Sparkling” after taking a long break. 


2. Wendy (Red Velvet)

The main vocal of Red Velvet, Wendy, used to send a video audition to YG Entertainment, but was turned down. She later applied to SM Entertainment, and found success there. Now, Wendy’s vocal is so legendary that even former YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk expressed that he regretted losing such a talent. 

Wendy’s predebut cover 

In SM, Wendy went on to debut with famous Kpop girl group Red Velvet, and became well known for her beautiful and powerful voice. In fact, the female idol is considered on of the top Kpop Kpop female vocalists of the 3rd generation. 

Wendy eventually debuted as the main vocal of Red Velvet
red velvet wendy
The female idol is considered a top Kpop vocalist of the 3rd generation

3. Hyunseung (Former Trouble Maker and BEAST member) 

Unlike the aforementioned, Hyunseung used to be a YG trainee, and was said to almost become a member of legendary Kpop group BIG BANG. However, Yang Hyun Suk decided to eliminate the male idol from the debut lineup last minute, citing “poor expressions” and “low energy levels” on stage. 

Hyunseung appeared on “Big Bang Documentary”

The male idol then left YG and joined Cube Entertainment, before debuting with BEAST in 2009. He later departed from the group as well, and is now active as a solo artist. 

Jang Hyun Seung
Hyunseung left YG and joined Cube Entertainment
hyunseung bigbang
Even now, the male idol is known as an “almost” member of BIG BANG


While T.O.P did end up debuting with BIG BANG, the rapper was actually rejected by YG in his first audition, where his weight was stated as an disadvantage. 

T.O.P was once rejected by YG due to his weight 

Unable to accept that he was rejected not due to lacking talents but due to his physique, T.O.P worked hard to lose weight and was eventually accepted to join YG. The company probably felt relieved that they made the right decision to not miss out on such a huge talent and key element of BIG BANG.

YG almost missed out on a key element of BIG BANG
Changing their mind on T.O.P might be the best decision of YG

5. Crush 

Another artist that had YG mourning over their past rejection is Crush, who is now a top R&B singer in Korea with various hit titles and drama OSTs. Now, Crush is happily dating the REd Velvet member Joy, and receiving huge support from fans.

Crush is now a top R&B artist in Korea
Yang Hyun Suk himself said that he regretted rejecting Crush 

6. Park Bom (2NE1)

Park Bom perhaps had a lot of love for YG Entertainment, considering that before getting to join 2NE1, the female idol auditioned 3 times, only to be rejected.

One of Park Bom’s audition video for YG Entertainment

Not befalling her hard work, however, Park Bom was finally approved in her 4th try, later becoming the main vocalist of famous Kpop girl group 2NE1. 

Park Bom
Park Bom got into YG Entertainment on her 4th audition 
Park Bom
She then went on to become a member of 2NE1

7. Bi Rain 

According to Yang Hyun Suk, Bi Rain is the case he felt the most regrets over. In particular, Bi Rain used to fail his audition for YG Entertainment, and ended up joining JYP and debuting there.

Bi Rain
Yang Hyun Suk regretted rejecting Bi Rain even a decade later. 
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Bi Rain used to audition for YG Entertainment, but was rejected

At JYP, Bi Rain became a hugely popular artist with a legendary career, and even 18 years after his debut, still holds an important position in the Kpop industry. Bi Rain’s admirable career undoubtedly leave YG in huge regrets.

Bi rain
Bi Rain was considered “the king of Kpop” with a spectacular solo career

8. BewhY 

As he is a huge fan of BIG BANG leader G-Dragon, Bewhy decided to audition for YG Entertainment in order to be in the same company as his idol. However, he was unfortunately rejected.

Be Why
BewhY was a huge fan of G-Dragon and tried to join YG

Still, BewhY managed to become a popular and talented rapper, who won first place in the famous rap show “Show Me The Money 5”. He also achieved his dream and got to collaborate with G-Dragon on the same stage in 2016. 

BewhY got to stand on the same stage as G-Dragon in 2016

9. Park Bo Gum 

Before becoming a top Korean actor, Park Bo Gum used to aspire to become an idol. The actor auditioned for YG Entertainment in his youth, but was rejected. 

Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum used to sent in an audition video for YG Entertainment 

He later switched to acting, and here has achieved a huge amount of popularity. Now, Park Bo Gum is a household name in Korea, with huge hits like “Love In The Moonlight”and “Reply 1988”. 

Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum earned a lot of achievements in his acting career
The actor also receive huge critical acclaim 

Source: K14

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