S.E.S’s Shoo posts handwritten apology letter for gambling controversy after 4 years

After the shocking gambling scandal, from a top idol, S.E.S’s Shoo had to do many jobs to cover her debt. 

In 2018, the public was taken by surprise by the gambling scandal of the first generation Kpop female idol Shoo (S.E.S). The female singer has a habit of gambling when traveling with friends, using 26 different accounts and losing up to 798 million won and could not afford to pay.  The S.E.S member was sentenced to 6 months in prison, 2 years of probation and 80 hours of re-education.

After nearly 4 years since the scandal, Shoo recently posted a handwritten apology letter on her personal SNS. The female idol gathered up the courage to write the letter. She first apologized to her fans and those who were disappointed in her. At the same time, Shoo also revealed about the difficult life after the scandal, as well as thanked the help of her two fellow S.E.S members, Eugene and Bada.

After going to court and having to pay damages, the popular female singer fell into bankruptcy, had to work many different jobs to make a living, far from her glorious time on the stage. “I met someone in 2018 and then gambling drove me out of my mind. I lost my mind and sat on a pile of debt. It was a desperate situation that left me with the choice of bankruptcy or moving on. I did my best to pay the creditors, so that they wouldn’t suffer further damage. I worked at a side dish store. I sold clothes at Dongdaemun market, and worked at a restaurant of an acquaintance.”  

The once-popular singer also thanked her two group members, Eugene and Bada: “Despite being affected by my scandal, they always try to help me and make sure that I would not make extreme decisions. I want to take this opportunity to thank Bada and Eugene.”

Shoo thanks Eugene and Bada for always helping her
Shoo thanks Eugene and Bada for always helping her

Finally, Shoo promised not to disappoint the public any further, “Although it’s late, from now on, I will try to cherish these feelings, not disappoint anyone anymore, repay those who were hurt because of me. I will live as Yoo Soo Young, a girl with sincere thoughts when she debuted 24 years ago.”

Shoo was born in 1981. Her real name is Yoo Soo Young and Japanese name is Kunimitsu Shu as she was born in Japan. She debuted in S.E.S in 1997. After the group disbanded, Shoo pursued a solo singing and acting career.  Shoo married soccer player Im Hyo Sung in 2010 and has twins.

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