Knet pointed out the 2 most ‘stupid’ opinions of fans about the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

The cooperation between YG and Big Hit has made fans of both families extremely confused, and since then there have been opinions that have made Knet extremely confused.

Yesterday (January 27), YG and Big Hit suddenly announced that these two popular entertainment companies have confirmed that they have a business cooperation relationship.  The YG side announced that it had completed an agreement to strengthen a strategic partnership with Big Hit.

Accordingly, the two companies are expecting to create a synergy to develop in different business areas such as platform application, distribution, and other content.  Specifically, Big Hit will develop the content and interaction of YG artists through the Weverse platform.  In contrast, YG PLUS (a sub-label of YG) will be responsible for distributing and selling products such as albums, digital music, and official goods of Big Hit artists.

the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

This is a collaboration that surprised many Kpop fans because before it seemed that YG and Big Hit only had a rival relationship when their artists competed with each other on achievements, not related to each other about business.  In addition, fans of artists from 2 companies also very difficult to accept this truth because they are inherently unrelated.  However, contrary to the negative reaction from fans, Knet has had a very positive reaction and thinks this is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Most of Knet cannot understand why fans criticize the cooperation between YG and Big Hit, but then they realize that there are 2 points of view that are causing the public to misinterpret this issue.  Below is an analysis of a Knet on a Korean network forum on two views that they considered the most ‘dumb’ after YG and Big Hit confirmed their cooperation.

Will YG artists collaborate with Big Hit artists?

At first, the announcement was quite clear, but some people still misunderstand or deliberately misinterpret YG and Big Hit’s intention to cooperate.  After reading the two companies’ announcements, many comments and articles started mentioning that YG and BigHit artists will work together, there are even people who think about the joint product between BTS and BLACKPINK.

Since then, the fandom of the two companies has been very upset and thought that this collaboration should not take place.  Some even expressed the view that the music of the two sides is absolutely impossible to cooperate with, others criticize Big Hit and YG for deliberately cooperating even though their fandom doesn’t like each other.

This is the first ‘silly’ point of view this Knet mentions.  To better understand, the above post owner has a simple analysis of the purpose of their collaboration as follows:

Big Hit: Assigning the distribution and development of albums and goods to YG (YG PLUS)

 YG: Using Big Hit’s Weverse platform

 That’s how they collaborate.

 This relationship is not related to YG’s entertainment sector including artists like BIGBANG, AKMU, WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK, TREASURE, etc. They are just referring to the sub-label, YG PLUS.  This has nothing to do with YG idols but rather focuses on the distribution of sales of goods, albums, digital music, etc. ‘

the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

Many Knet said that because of the competition for musical achievements, perhaps they forgot that it is possible that YG and Big Hit have no feuds after all.  They are just business people, and they will do things that benefit the company in particular, as well as help develop the Kpop entertainment industry in general.  The future is not foretold whether there will be any musical collaborations, but for now, the two sides are definitely concerned with distribution and trading on platforms.  So fans don’t need to feel angry because it is meaningless.

Big Hit can take over YG

Currently, no one can deny the power of Big Hit.  They merged Source Music, Pledis, and KOZ Entertainment in just a short time – thereby bringing together talented artists like Zico, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, and GFriend.  That is also the reason that after hearing the news of Big Hit’s investment in YG, many people thought about the prospect of BTS’s management company acquiring YG in the near future.

A story that sounds very hard to believe right now, but the fact that there are rumors about ‘Big Hit wants to acquire YG’ on online forums from Korea to internationally.  And this is the second ‘dumb’ opinion this Knet mentions.

the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

The correct information is not that Big Hit acquired YG or Big Hit invested in YG Entertainment, but the company only invested in YG PLUS – a sub-label responsible for sales and distribution of content.  Big Hit and YG’s announcement also stated: ‘Big Hit Entertainment and their subsidiary beNX have invested 70 billion won in YG PLUS, with 30 billion won coming from Big Hit  Entertainment and 40 billion won came from beNX. ‘

the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

So rumors like Big Hit wanting to merge with YG are just fake news.  One Knet was even pressing to leave the following comment: ‘On DC Gallery, they are saying as if Big Hit is buying YG and causing public confusion, but it’s just fake news.  In short, Big Hit and YG Plus are in a cooperative relationship.  They just cooperate by exchanging business technology. ‘

In addition, many Knet also said that there were anti-fans of Big Hit and YG, because they were uncomfortable with this collaboration, repeatedly released controversial news for fans from both sides.  Another Knet speculated: ‘They are releasing false news because they feel inferior to BTS and BLACKPINK.  In fact, BTS and BLACKPINK are the top groups and have been very successful.  They made a lot of money so they are now hated by others. ‘

the collaboration of YG and Big Hit
the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

Some comments of Knet on Pann about this incident:

– What do idiots think YG will be taken over?  Just look at YG’s new building, it is 19,834 square meters and YG is one of the three biggest entertainment companies in Korea.  So what was YG being acquired?  You have to say something more reasonable.  What a stupid child says like that.

 – Those who deliberately post false rumors are pathetic.  BTS and BLACKPINK have now achieved global success, not as pathetic as you guys.

– It is true that YG and Big Hit are only doing business together.  If Apple uses Samsung’s semiconductors, does that mean Apple has acquired Samsung?

 – People are only doing business but people keep talking like BTS will cooperate with BLACKPINK, it’s crazy.

– I just hope the two companies do not cooperate with each other or have any relationship.  I’m a YG fan but I’m tired of these controversies.

the collaboration of YG and Big Hit

Sources: tinnhac

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