NCT Dream fans give arguments in defense of their idols in the ‘disrespectful to seniors’ controversy

The first half of 2021 can be considered a period of great success for NCT Dream when their first full album brought in high sales.  Besides, the SM group recently surpassed many other famous names to be honored as the most influential Kpop artist in the first 6 months of this year according to Hanteo’s report. However, when fans were looking forward to an even bigger explosion of the group with the repackaged album “Hello Future”, NCT Dream was suddenly entangled in controversy.  They became the subject of criticism of the Korean online community for their moments of disrespect for colleagues and the audience.

When appearing on radio shows to promote the new song over the last few days, NCT Dream’s members’ demeanor consistently made the audience uncomfortable. If just Jaemin created outrage on “Cultwo Show” or “Lee Youngji’s HipHopPlaya” because of his superficial attitude or dishonest answers, then on “Kiss The Radio,” all 7 SM’s boy group members were chastised for disrespecting their seniors.

DAY6 Young.K

Young.K (DAY6), an artist older in age and career than NCT Dream, is the current DJ of “Kiss The Radio.” During the show, however, the members were observed laughing incessantly, conversing privately, and repeatedly interrupting Young.K. This not only made it difficult for Young.K to host the show, but it also irritated the “Kiss The Radio” audience, which was made up of people of all ages.

After the show ended, NCT Dream members took photos with Young.K.  However, even during this process, they did not focus on taking photos and constantly laughed and joked, even being accused of ignoring Young.K even though the DAY6 member bowed to greet the group.

What happened at “Kiss The Radio” made the Korean online community extremely angry.  However, on the contrary, a part of NCT Dream’s fans still defended the idol for many different reasons.  They think that the SM boy group has always been so lively and “hyperactive” for a long time, even blaming Young.K for not being able to control the situation. Meanwhile, with the accusation of not greeting seniors, NCT Dream fans think that it is simply because they do not see Young.K greeting. The incident is now still the focus of attention on social networks.

What do you think about NCT Dream’s attitude controversy?

Source: Tinnhac

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