The hilarious alternate universe where SM Kpop idols tried to change their heights (ft. Red Velvet and EXO)

Fans of Kpop idols under SM Entertainment are joking about an alternate universe where the shortest members become the tallest. 

Many SM fans have been saying that in SM’s Kwangya, there will be certain changes, such as Irene and Wendy would tower over the rest of Red Velvet.

red velvet joy wendy irene
The surreal heights of SM idols at …Kwangya.

Recently, a photo of EXO Chanyeol next to Korean actor Jang Ki Young, in which the male idol looked unrealistically short, has gone viral across the net.  The image, which is not at all edited, reminds fans of the alternate universe Kwangya, where Chanyeol may be actually that short. 

exo chanyeol
Chanyeol fooled fans with a photo of him looking tiny. 

First glance at the photo, many people felt perplexed at Chanyeol’s tiny frame, especially when the male idol is 6 foot tall (185cm). Therefore, he couldn’t have been much shorter than Jang Ki Young, who is 6’1 (187cm). Turns out, it’s just an optical illusion. 

Squint at the photo and you’d be able to detect the odd detail: Chanyeol actually took off his shoes and was kneeling down. The simple trick was able to make a lot of fans giggle. 

exo chanyeol do
Chanyeon looking strange next to his group mate D.O, who is only 5’6 (173cm). Of course, this is just a product of editing. 
exo chanyeol
Chanyeol’s real outstanding physique
exo chanyeol
Even when sitting, the male idol towers over a regular person. 

Another case where fans suddenly saw their short idols become gigantic is via Irene’s unique album photocard. In particular, the female idol took a picture of her shadow, which greatly lengthened her legs, making Irene look like she is 5’9 (180cm). This is a complete contrast to the real height of Red Velvet’s tiniest member, who stands at only 5’1 (158cm).

red velvet irene
Irene’s “legendary” photocard.
red velvet irene
And Irene’s short frame in real life. 

Red Velvet Wendy is 5’2 (159cm),  just as tiny as her older groupmate Irene. However, the female idol would often edit her photo on Instagram to look like she’s actually 6’5 feet tall (200cm).

red velvet wendy
A photo where Wendy looks like she’s 6’5. 
Her real height is sadly only 5’2. 

In contrast to the tiny Chanyeol is the gigantic EXO Baekhyun who stands at 6’2 (190cm). Previously, Baekhyung actually cracked fans up with a badly edited photo where his legs are surrealistically long. Unfortunately, this is not Kwangya, so Baekhyun’s actually only 5’7 (174cm). 

exo baekhyun
Baekhyun’s hilariously lengthened legs.
exo baekhyun chanyeol
Vs the male idol’s actual height. 
exo baekhyun chanyeol
Baekhyun is super tiny when next to his group members.

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