Jessica is an American citizen, will she be able to carry out activities in China without problems?

While former Girls’ Generation member Jessica is active in China, rumors of the regulation that restricts activities of celebrities without Chinese citizenship are circulating.

Chinese online media sites have recently raised concerns over the issue that it will be difficult for celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan to engage in entertainment activities due to the National Radio and Television Administration’s regulation that restricts the appearance of people whose nationalities are not Chinese. According to this regulation, more than half of an entertainment program’s cast members should hold Chinese citizenship.

jessica jung

Such rumors have recently come to the surface as the entertainment program “Promise For You”, which airs on the Chinese channel MangoTV, stars some cast members of “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”.

“Sisters Who Make Waves 3” is an audition show for girl group members to make their re-debut. The travel entertainment program “Promise For You” features five regular cast members, most of whom are from Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

jessica jung

However, “Promise for You” suddenly announced the cancellation of the show two hours before its broadcast last week without explanation or notice. Even the preview video uploaded on its platform was also deleted, raising the viewers’ curiosity about the reason.

Some people speculated that it was due to the regulation of the National Radio and Television Administration. Meanwhile, others pointed out that the broadcast would have been suspended for editing due to the prostitution allegations of one of the cast members.

jessica jung

There are also claims that the broadcast was temporarily suspended due to the program’s low ratings. As the craze of “Sisters Who Make Waves” has faded to some extent, the level of buzz the cast members generate has also decreased. As a result, the popularity of the spin-off programs is below expectations.

However, regarding the interruption of the broadcast, the program’s side made an ambiguous explanation on its official SNS, saying, “We have postponed the broadcast due to file damage. We will reveal the schedule for the resumption of the broadcast later.” The public does not seem to be convinced of this explanation.


While the exact reason for the interruption of “Promise For You” broadcast remains unknown, attention is paid to whether it will have a related effect on “Orchestra Beach”, another spin-off reality show of “Sisters Who Make Waves” with the concept of setting up and running a live bar on the beach. Jessica will also appear in “Orchestra Beach” and the recording has reportedly wrapped up. 

However, it has been forecast that the suspension of the broadcast of “Promise For You” starring Cyndi Wang, the final winner of “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, could affect “Orchestra Beach”.

jessica jung

At a time when the deliberation regulations of the Chinese broadcasting authorities are gradually being strengthened, attention is being paid to whether Jessica, an American citizen, will be able to continue her activities in China, including her upcoming projects in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Jessica appeared in Season 3 of Mango TV’s girl group survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves” and took second place.

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