Korean actresses who receive negative comments for being too skinny on-screen

Appearing with an overly skinny figure in some Korean films and series, the following gorgeous actresses have to face negative comments. 

In addition to acting, actors who want to be noticed also have to be good-looking and have a well-proportioned body. However, due to the requirements of the roles or health problems, many female stars appeared with overly skinny looks on the screen and most of them ended up getting negative feedback from the audience.


As a successful idol-turned actress, UEE’s appearance is often judged by the viewers. Three years ago, UEE continuously appeared with an alarmingly skinny look on the screen, especially in the drama Manhole. Many viewers thought that UEE’s weight loss was too extreme, and even left many negative comments on her appearance in the drama.


As a top visual praised whose ideal body is often praised, who would have thought that even Yoona used to be criticized for being too skinny. Playing the daughter of a presidential candidate in The K2, Yoona seems to have lost too much weight, making the audience feel worried for her. Many viewers also think that Yoona’s skinny look helps her fit the character better, but she seems to have dropped too much fat. 

Jin Seo Yeon

Despite not being the female lead of ‘Believer’, Jin Seo Yeon is the most mentioned name because of her willingness to lose weight, temporarily leaving her fiery, sexy body in real life to play the role. Jin Seo Yeon’s image in the movie is so impressive that many viewers even think that she is thin because she is an addict like her character.

Kim Nam Joo

When the drama Misty was introduced, Kim Nam Joo was initially criticized for her thin, emaciated body. However, when the drama was officially broadcast, the actress did not cause viewers to feel uncomfortable. Still the same skinny body, but she gives off the aura of a tough, powerful and charming woman.

Source: k14

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