Who is the 5-year-younger boyfriend that stole Kim Yuna’s heart?

Let’s learn some facts about the boyfriend of Korea’s “national treasure” Kim Yuna!

Ko Woo-rim (27), who stole the heart of the Korean ‘figure skating queen’ Kim Yuna (32), is a singer who graduated from Seoul National University’s vocal music department and is a member of the male crossover group Forestella. Born in 1995 and currently attending graduate school at Seoul National University, Ko Woo-rim fell in love with Kim Yu-na, who is five years older than him.

Ko Woo-rim

Ko Woo-rim participated in JTBC’s ‘Phantom Singer Season 2’, Korea’s first crossover vocal audition program aired in 2017, and received favorable reviews from colleagues and producers for his handsome appearance, and natural tone as a bass with excellent vocal skills

Forestella is a combination of the English word ‘forest’, and the Italian word ‘stella’, meaning a star. With this in mind, the group was nicknamed Forest Star by their fans.

Ko Woo-rim

After winning the program, Forestella released their 1st album ‘Evolution’ in March 2018 as a winning privilege and started their full-fledged activities. Based on the classic quartet, they focused on constantly challenging and reinterpreting songs of various genres and styles. 

Since then, Forestella began to make their name known to the public by appearing in KBS’s ‘Open Concert’ and ‘Immortal Song’. Along with other victories, the team also won the mythological title that they have never lost, and the 2019 King of Kings title at the end of the year.

Ko Woo-rim

Among Forestella members, Ko Woo-rim is in charge of fan girls in their 20s and 30s with his elegant and warm visuals. His voice, which gives both a soft, romantic feeling and a heavy, majestic feeling at the same time, has become his “attractive point”. As the youngest member of the team, he captivated fans by presenting an “unexpected charm” with his precocious side.

His unexpected charm does not stop there. Ko Woo-rim, who is mainly seen as a gentle and calm character, actually showed various vocal imitations and n-line poems on broadcasts and concerts, revealing an unexpected “bright” side. Ko Woo-rim is also the youngest at home as he has a brother who is 9 years older than him. It is known that his father is walking on the path of a pastor.

Ko Woo-rim

Based on his solid fandom, Ko Woo-rim held his solo fan meeting concert on July 9th and 10th. Ko Woo-rim, who successfully wrapped up the 2022 fan meeting concert “Ko Woorim : Boutique” at the Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Seoul, filled his birthday with a meaningful time with his fans on July 10th, the last day of the concert.

Ko Woo-rim will continue his various activities as a member of Forestella, a vocalist as well as a crossover singer.

Source: Daum

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