Koo Jun Yup’s Firm Pledge of Lifetime Commitment to Wife Barbie Hsu amidst Fake News Controversy

DJ Koo Jun Yup expressed anger at the fake news directed at his wife Barbie Hsu and promised to protect her for a lifetime.

On March 22nd, Koo Jun Yup attended an event as a model for a Taiwanese brand. During a press interview, he responded to questions about fake news surrounding his marriage to Barbie Hsu

Koo Jun Yup refuted all the rumors that claimed they fought, were heading for divorce, or were involved in an extramarital affair.

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Koo Jun Yup stated that he does not pay much attention to fake news, but he acknowledged that it sometimes bothers him. He promised to encourage and support his wife Barbie Hsu if she ever gets affected by such news. He also firmly believed that the truth always prevails.

Koo Jun Yup expressed his love and commitment to his wife, saying, “I came to Taiwan to protect her for a lifetime. I will protect her for the rest of my life.”

Koo Jun Yup and Barbie Hsu got married in March 2020. Koo Jun Yup disclosed that they had not fought once in the one year since their marriage. He also described his wife as someone he adjusts to and someone whose smile he loves the most.

On their wedding anniversary, the couple drank champagne together at home. Koo Jun Yup revealed he gifted Barbie Hsu a skirt, while she gave him a silk handkerchief.

Meanwhile, Koo Jun Yup and Barbie Hsu were lovers 20 years ago, but they broke up. Afterwards, Barbie Hsu married Wang Xiaofei, a second-generation Chinese tycoon, in 2011 and has a son and a daughter with him.

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However, Barbie Hsu had an agreed-upon divorce in November 2021, before having a dramatic reunion with Koo Jun Yup. Afterwards, the couple fell back in love and have since become a legally married couple.

On the other hand, Barbie Hsu and Koo Jun Yup, who were supposed to be in a happy marriage, recently suffered from untimely fake news. As a result, Barbie Hsu had to publish Koo Jun Yup’s criminal record check certificate on her SNS and announced strong legal actions against malicious rumors.

“To respond to the fake news, Koo Jun Yup received a document proving that he has no criminal record from a South Korean public agency in April 2022,” Barbie Hsu said, adding, “The law will protect our rights against malicious articles and videos that spread rumors, fabricate stories, and have a negative impact on social order. Do not violate the law.”

Previously, Wang Xiaofei applied for a compulsory execution in court, claiming that Barbie Hsu did not pay the living expenses they had agreed upon during their divorce. Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu’s former mother-in-law accused Barbie Hsu’s family of being involved in drug administration.

Source: Daum

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