Barbie Hsu and Koo Jun Yup give a strong response to shut down fake news 

Barbie Hsu posted Koo Jun Yup’s criminal background check to clear up fake news. 

On February 2nd, Barbie Hsu posted a confirmation letter of Koo Jun Yup’s criminal history inquiry, which was stamped by the Commissioner of the National Police Agency, on her Instagram account.

Koo Jun yeop Seo hee won 22 022223

According to the published confirmation letter, Koo Jun Yup has no criminal history such as sexual violence, domestic violence, child abuse, arrangement and coercion of prostitution, criminal history of imprisonment or more within the past 10 years.

Barbie Hsu said, “Regarding the recent false news, we would like to inform you that it has been confirmed that Koo Jun Yup did not have a criminal record in Korea in April 2022. We will take action against those who post malicious articles and rumors.” 

Koo Jun yeop Seo hee won 2 022223

Koo Jun Yup and Barbie Hsu have been suffering from serious fake news such as divorce rumors. Recently, a manipulated video was spread on Weibo in China, saying that Koo Jun Yup regrets his marriage to Barbie Hsu after a year and is planning to file a divorce.

Accordingly, the two dismissed the rumors by showing off their affection for each other, not caring about this fake news.  However, it seems that Barbie Hsu couldn’t take such malicious rumors anymore. 

Meanwhile, Koo Jun Yup and Barbie Hsu suddenly announced their marriage in March of last year. At the time, Koo Jun Yup said, “I heard the news of her divorce and contacted her number from 20 years ago. Fortunately, the number was the same, so we were able to connect again. I couldn’t waste more time that had already passed, so I proposed marriage first.” 

Source: wikitree

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