Korean male celebrities and their applaudable “manner hands” 

This polite gesture of Korean male stars is no longer uncommon. But there is still an exception. 

How Korean male stars interact with their female colleagues or fans is always something that netizens are interested in. Most male celebrities maintain a certain distance by not placing hands on women when standing close to them. This gesture is called “manner hands”. However, the famous couple from “All Of Us Are Dead” is an exception.

jungkook bts
BTS’s Jungkook is always praised by netizens for his manners 

Jungkook (BTS)

BTS’s maknae Jungkook is always adored by fans for his politeness shown through every action. In any situation, the male idol does not forget to maintain distance with female stars out of respect. 

For example, when taking photos with other artists at the 2019 Grammy Awards, he paid attention to the placement of his hands to avoid touching the shoulder of any female star standing next to him.

jungkook bts
While taking photos with a female star, Jungkook put his hand on RM’s shoulder 

Jackson (GOT7)

Known for his open and free spirited personality, but GOT7’s Jackson has never come under any controversy over his attitude or manner. When having a joint performance with female rapper Jessi, Jackson showed a gesture that left a good impression on netizens. 

When Jackson put his arm around his senior’s shoulder, he still kept a distance to avoid touching her. After this stage, Jackson quickly became a trending topic and received many compliments. 

Jackson’s manner hand received praises 


When filming an MV in collaboration with Lee Hi, B.I was spotted showing a sweet gesture. Specifically, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience between the two, B.I put a pillow on his lap then let Lee Hi comfortably lie on it.

B.I and Lee Hi have been close friends for many years and how thoughtful B.I was of his female friend has warmed fans’ hearts. 

B.I was close to Lee Hi and wanted to make sure she was comfortable during their filming together

So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub has long been famous for being a polite and caring gentleman. At an event, Ji Sub took the initiative to cover the child actress’s leg sitting next to him with a blanket because she was wearing a dress. This small but kind gesture shows how attentive So Ji Sub is to others, especially children and women.

so ji sub
So Ji Sub’s warm gesture was noticed by fans 

Cha Eun Woo

During the filming of Gangnam Beauty, although he had many intimate scenes with his co-star, Cha Eun Woo still acted politely.  Specifically, in one scene, Cha Eun Woo only placed his hand lightly on the side of his colleague to avoid touching her too intimately.  It is undeniable that in addition to possessing an attractive face, he also has a good personality, always respecting those around him.

cha eun woo
Not only is he talented, but Cha Eun Woo also has a good personality 

Park Solomon

Park Solomon is a rising star.  He is known to the public thanks to the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead“.  Right from the broadcast, the drama has quickly received love from viewers.  In particular, the couple Lee Su Hyuk (played by Park Solomon) and Choi Nam Ra (played by Cho Yi Hyun) have received many compliments for their chemistry in the drama.

Su Hyun is a tall, nimble man who is always willing to lend a hand to his buddies. Nam Ra, the class president, is a quiet but caring person. Fans are enthralled by the coupling of two young actors in action and romance scenes.

solomon cho yi hyun
The couple has great chemistry that makes viewers excited

In particular, recently, the couple’s photo set for CINE21 has received attention.  What is noticeable here is that Park Solomon’s hands are placed on the arms of the emerging beauty very naturally and intimately.  This action makes Knetizens wonder whether they really have feelings for each other. 

Fans joked that only couples can comfortably interact with each other like that.  Needless to say, what Park Solomon has for Cho Yi Hyun is sweet enough.

solomon cho yi hyun

It is clear that fans appreciate and support Korean stars’ acts of respect for their co-stars. Furthermore, in some cases, skinship is a requirement, so viewers should understand and respect the actors and artists.

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