Knet praised The Fact Music Awards 2020 for renting a 5-star hotel as waiting rooms for the artists

‘The Fact Music Awards’ receive praise for treating idols well compared to the ‘2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards’

After MAMA 2020, a series of fans criticized the organizers for keeping the singer cold for hours in the parking lot while the actors were allowed to sit in the warm waiting room.  It seems that the wave of boycotts of disrespectful shows has increased.  The culmination of the incident was when Dispatch revealed that the Organizing Committee of MAMA 2020 forced the artist to perform in a dusty studio like a construction site, and the idol was treated badly. 

Now, audiences are paying attention to other year-end music events in the hope that the idols will gain more respect from the organizers.  And less than a week after MAMA 2020, the audience was surprised by the actions of the awards ceremony The Fact Music Awards 2020.

Recently, The Fact Music Awards 2020 ceremony took place with the participation of many famous artists such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, Super Junior, Kang Daniel, Hwasa, IZ * ONE, TWICE, GOT7,  NU’EST, MAMAMOO, … Notably, fans were surprised because the artists participating in the program were provided with hotel rooms as lounges.  Paradise City Hotel this time was the chosen place to hold a lounge for artists.

With a 5-star standard with an area of ​​45m2 for the smallest room and quite high prices, artists will be prepared separate lounges, ensuring safety in the middle of the epidemic season, while ensuring the best environment for the artists before and after performances.  This action by the organizers is highly appreciated by fans for taking care of the artists.  And it seems that the artists were also extremely interested in this waiting room, some people took pictures, some people showed off cups right or even … live stream in their waiting rooms

Knet praised the organizers for treating the artists participating in the show well.  Most of them appreciate that The Fact Music Awards 2020 has paid more attention to idols after the controversy of MAMA 2020:

“If I can see them treating my idols right, I’d gladly pay to watch the show”

“Paradise City Incheon is a really nice venue. Are you watching too Mnet?”

“ Now this is a quality award show” 

“I feel sorry for comparing them with MAMA lol”

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