Kim Tae-ri, “People? I think they look forward to seeing me falling on my face”

Actress Kim Tae-ri, who shows off her charm with an unrivaled character in every work, drew attention with her unpretentious answer.

On July 18th, Sportiv News prepared an interview that is full of Kim Tae-ri‘s honest remarks.

In this interview, Kim Tae-ri said that she was able to change through the drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” which ended in popularity in April.

Twenty five twenty one

Kim played the role of Na Hee-do in “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” and after learning more about herself through that role, she said she now had a confident and honest mind.

Kim Tae-ri then surprised people with an unexpected answer, saying, “I think people are looking forward to seeing me falling on my face.”

“I’m sure there are people who think so. That’s why I think I should live a good life,” she said, expressing her firm determination.

kim tae ri

Kim Tae-ri also thought that she is highly expected to bring good work as an actress.

Kim Tae-ri, who is praised for her outstanding acting skills in every work, said, “The role Na Hee-do in ‘Twenty-five Twenty-One’ was a character that touched many people’s hearts. I think the audience are looking forward to seeing good characters from me after that role,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri is scheduled to show another fresh character through the movie “Alienoid”, which will be released on July 20th.

kim tae ri

“Alienoid” is a story that happened after the door of time opened between the Taoists who wanted to take over the legendary sword at the end of Goryeo Dynasty and those who chased alien prisoners imprisoned in the human body in 2022.

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