The glasses Jennie designed were worn by her ex-lover’s ex-lover 

This special person even posted a photo wearing it on her official account.

Have you ever been in a tricky relationship? Relationships involving exes, for example. Jennie used to date Kai. The guy previously dated Krystal. So Krystal is the ex-lover of Jennie’s ex-lover. At the same time, Krystal is Jessica‘s younger sister. Jessica and Jennie often interact on social networks and even go out and give each other gifts. Because these facts have aroused curiosity about the relationship between Jennie and Krystal, the latest details of the two beauties have made many people excited.

Krystal is indeed one of the most popular visuals of the 2nd generation when her beauty shines whether in color or black and white. Her extravagant aura and charisma is unchanged after so many years. She seems to have her hair tied up and then let the ends of her hair fall in front of her face. Krystal has light makeup, wears oval glasses surrounded by little gems with metal frames. But wait a second, do you think these glasses look familiar?

Jisoo and Silvergun, the choreographer who is close to BLACKPINK, who were given a Gentle Garden gift box by Jennie, once posted photos of them wearing glasses similar to the ones Krystal is wearing. That’s it, Krystal is actually wearing sunglasses which Jennie and Gentle Monster collaborated on.

Lesyeuxdenini 02

The glasses Krystal wears is Lesyeuxdenini 02, from the Gentle Garden collection by Jennie of Gentle Monster. Currently, the Gentle Garden collection has not been officially available for sale, so Krystal having the glasses can only be explained by one these 3 possibilities: Jennie gave it to Jessica and Krystal borrowed it; Jennie sent it to Krystal; Gentle Monster sent it to Krystal (if it was from the brand, the gift box would not have Jennie‘s signature). Which scenario do you think is the most likely?

Jennie Jessica

Previously, Jennie surprised fans when she was revealed to be close to Jessica, Krystal‘s sister. She once wore a baby blue gingham pattern coat from Jessica’s fashion brand BLANC&ECLARE. Jessica then also liked Jennie’s post on Instagram.

On Jessica‘s birthday, the two even went on a dinner date. When the two posted stories of the same dish, fans were already suspicious.  Later, Jessica posted a vlog where she excitedly introduced Jennie. Jennie’s face was not shown but Jessica called her by the nickname “Nini“. Jennie also gave Jessica an expensive pearl necklace as a birthday present. 

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