Kim Seon-ho’s Honest Thoughts on Comeback: ‘I Want to Cry’

Actor Kim Seon-ho revealed a surprise photo exhibition prepared for his fans during his hiatus.

On the 4th, a video titled “2023 Kim Seon-ho Photo Exhibition ‘Our Season’ Visit Diary” was released through SALT Entertainment’s channel.

On that day, Kim Seon-ho arrived at a photo exhibition by photographer Duyoon Jong, which featured his own images, and said, “It feels strange and exciting to see them in person.” While looking at the introduction, he mentioned, “I ate a lot of Kongguksu (soybean noodle soup) while filming ‘Reply 1988’ and recently listened to IU’s ‘Bbi bbung’ frequently,” and explained, “I still haven’t taken the MBTI test.”

Finally, the photo exhibition was unveiled, and he said, “I was in a state where I gained 10 kilograms, and I flexed my biceps with confidence.” He selected his personally favorite camera photos and said, “I just feel good, and I took pictures with the clothes I received as gifts,” adding, “I’m grateful and it was meaningful and enjoyable every time I wore the gifts sent by fans.”

Kim Seon-ho continued, “Many people with a lot of thoughts and efforts prepared this for those who supported me with one heart and one mind. If there is an answer, I wish (the sky) would tell me…” and left a lingering impression. He said, “I wonder what you will think when you come here (to the photo exhibition). I want to cry now because I’m so happy. Thank you,” and looked back, saying, “I am also grateful to our family.”

In particular, he wrote down the phrases he had used before. Kim Seon-ho said, “I want to cry when I see it in writing,” and recited it. The passage said, “If the direction of the road is wrong, you can go back a little. That direction is also a possibility in life. In the past, it was difficult for me to find the answers quickly, but now I think it’s time that everyone experiences.”

Upon reading it, Kim Seon-ho said, “Did I say such things? I was really immersed in acting back then, but now that time has passed, it applies to life,” as if reflecting on a difficult period due to controversies about his personal life. He added, “Becoming an actor seems to be something that many people support. I’m grateful to those who waited for me,” he concluded.

Source: Nate

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