Netizens were shocked at the total price of Son Ye-jin’s airport fashion, “The bag alone is over 2 million won”

Since the honeymoon of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, who have been married for 12 days, is currently a hot topic, Son Ye-jin’s airport fashion also draws attention.

Actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye-jin flew off to the U.S for their honeymoon on April 11th. The two are reportedly scheduled to visit L.A, Hawaii and New York. As a result, attention was paid to Son Ye-jin’s fashion when she showed up at Incheon International Airport before leaving for her honeymoon trip 

Son Ye-jin

Considering the long-distance flight, Son Ye-jin appeared wearing a comfortable and sophisticated style in TPO-tailored clothes. Son Ye-jin chose a canvas tote bag by VALENTINO, the luxury brand she is modeling for as a global ambassador. The bag is known to be manufactured in Italy and cost more than 2 million won.

Son Ye-jin

The actress also wore an AVA MOLLI’s ivory-colored neat jacket to create a more luxurious look. The jacket costs about 460,000 won.

Son Ye Jin-Thirty Nine

Son Ye-jin’s shoes turned out to be the famous Rachel Cox product, which was previously seen being worn by actress Park Shin-hye and Red Velvet Yeri. The shoes cost about 140,000 won.

Son Ye-jin

In addition, Son Ye-jin caught the eyes as wore the necklace from the expensive British jewelry brand ALIGHIERI. The price of this necklace is about 370,000 won and it is known as “Kim Na-young’s necklace” after it was worn in Korea by Kim Na-young. Netizens were really surprised to know that the total price of the whole set, including outfits, the bag, shoes and accessories, worn by Son Ye-jin was up to about 3.7 million won.

Son Ye-jin

Earlier, Son Ye-jin also made headlines with the brands and prices of the wedding gowns she wore for her wedding photoshoot.

In addition to the wedding photos, Son Ye-jin is known to have worn a customized Elie Saab’s dress that costs approximately 80 million won, and a Vera Wang’s dress worth more than 10 million won.

hyun bin son ye jin

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin arrived at Tom Bradley International Terminal in Los Angeles on April 12th (KST). Local fans flocked to the airport to congratulate the two on their marriage and gave them gifts. Son Ye-jin thanked fans by bowing her head many times, and Hyun Bin also reportedly replied “Thank you” in English.

Hyun Bin showed impressive manners when handling the situation every time the couple was surrounded by people at the airport. When Son Ye-jin’s cart fell down to the floor, Hyun Bin immediately bent down to help his wife move. Even while making a phone call, he was still taking care of his wife’s safety by pulling her toward him. In addition, Son Ye-jin, who asked fans to refrain from taking pictures, grabbed Hyun Bin’s arms. Fans got excited because of the two’s sweet moments.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin tied the knot at 4 p.m on the 31st of last month at the Aston House of the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Their wedding ceremony was held privately with the participant of only their parents and close acquaintances of both families.

hyun bin son ye jin
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