Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin to turn the US airport into their fanmeeting: Hyun Bin did a sweet thing that fluttered fans!

Hyun Bin constantly has gestures of care for Son Ye Jin.  He truly deserves the title of “national husband”.

After a long flight, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin officially arrived in the US in the early morning of April 12 (KST).  Right from the moment they got off the plane, the power couple was greeted by a large number of fans, as if they were having a fan meeting at the airport.

There, Hyun Bin continuously made gestures of care for his wife.  Surrounded by a crowd of fans, Hyun Bin nervously pulled Son Ye Jin‘s hand as he was worried that his wife would be uncomfortable if touched by fans.  In addition, Hyun Bin also signaled to fans, asking them not to take pictures of Son Ye Jin.

Due to the large number of fans coming to the airport, Hyun Bin constantly took care of and protected Son Ye Jin
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