While Han Ga-in and Hyun Bin – Son Ye-jin couple went viral, Lee Na-young and Won Bin are forgotten due to their “mystery concept”

Some top stars still insist on playing hard to get with the media and the public. But “mysterious” is a very old-fashioned concept that doesn’t work anymore.

These stars are forgotten by the public while insisting on maintaining their mysterious concept. It is a trend in the entertainment industry, but too much hiding is never a good thing. Clever top stars, who have won both favorability and happiness through proper this “push and pull” game with the public, have emerged as trends. 

This mystery concept, which was prevalent in the 1990s, aims to approach the public in the form of idolization and admiration. However, the mystery concept that made them stars soon became poisonous. The star’s insincere private life and the public’s keen interest caused friction. This is also why the public’s ideas regarding top star couple Won Bin and Lee Na-young is divided. 

Won Bin and Lee Na-young are consistently sticking to such mystery concepts. When rumors of their romantic relationship surfaced in 2013, their agencies used a “catch-up” strategy, calling it “groundless rumors.” After that, their relationship has been reluctantly acknowledged through an official position only after the public opinion about the two worsened. 

Won Bin Lee Na-young

Their wedding ceremony was also held in strict confidence. After the announcement of their wedding ceremony in 2015, only their family members attended the ceremony in the green wheat field. The ceremony, which took place on a wheat field trail in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, is only remembered as a few photos released by their agencies. 

Too much mystery will raise public fatigue. What fans loved is the actor themselves, not the virtual person on the screen. It is not necessary for them to reveal everything, but some fans call this behavior a “betrayal,” not the mystery concept, that takes away their opportunity to celebrate their idol’s love. 

Sticking to the mystery concept is not to blame. However, there is a rise in the number of stars who have abandoned that concept. Han Ga-in, who recently revealed her “normal human aspect,” gained wide recognition by participating in entertainment programs with her husband Yeon Jung-hoon, while Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin confessed their love and marriage to announce the birth of a couple of the century.

Han Ga-in broke through the veil herself. When removing the cover of her doll-like appearance and snooty image, we can see more of her hidden colorful charms. In order to become a “human Han Ga-in”, she decided to choose the way of appearing on entertainment programs. The actress frankly explained the rumors about her mysterious concept and raised the public’s favoritism for her.

Hyun Bin-Son Ye-jin-Yeon Jung-hoon-Han Ga-in

The proper “push and pull” relationship between Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin is also considered a wise move. The two solved the public’s curiosity by quickly acknowledging their romantic relationship and announcing their marriage, but decided to hold their wedding privately under strict security. Before the ceremony, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin’s agencies released a wedding photo of the two through a press release to soothe fans’ disappointment.

With the development of SNS, “communication” has become a popular keyword. The distance between celebrities and the public has been shortened and sincere charms draw more attention than self-made images. Mysticism no longer works in the entertainment industry. This strategy doesn’t fit in this era when the public’s eyes and ears are always on the stars.

In addition, it is also the time for the buzzword “reverse charm” to gain attention. The honest and sincere appearance of top stars, who have been taking off their mysterious masks, is attracting the public as a powerful charm. 

Hyun Bin-Son Ye-jin's wedding

Showing a reverse image does not lower the dignity and status of top stars. There is no reason for the public to not accept it unless it’s so different from common sense. While hesitating to let go of the old days, it is the public’s mind to turn around quickly.

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