Billlie’s Tsuki reveals she dreamt of becoming a K-pop idol after watching this girl group

Tsuki was inspired by this iconic 2nd gen girl group to come to Korea. 

In the May 18th broadcast of MBC Every1’s game show “South Korean Foreigners”, Billie’s Tsuki made a guest appearance as a member of the foreign team for the first time.

billy tsuki

Tsuki, who comes from Japan, revealed the reason why she decided to come to Korea and pursue K-pop. She said, “I started to become interested in K-pop after watching Girls’ Generation’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ performance in Japan.”

billy tsuki

Tsuki said she wanted to become a global singer. So in 2016, Tsuki left her home country for Korea when she was in her second year of middle school. Debuting in Billlie in late 2021, Tsuki started receiving great attention through her viral fancam of the group’s song “GingaMingaYo”.

Tsuki’s on-point, diverse facial expressions, sharp dance moves, and cute appearance with curly pigtails on stage made her fancam a hot topic. It recorded more than 8.7 million views on YouTube and 3.1 million views on Twitter. Tsuki also expressed her gratitude for the love she received after her fancam blew up, saying, “I think people gave me a lot of love because my expressions changed every second.”

billy tsuki

Source: Dispatch

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