A girl group member who suddenly became famous for her facial expressions

This girl group member just got “discovered” by netizens. 

Tsuki of rookie girl group BILLLIE, who debuted not long ago, has recently created a buzz on Twitter and quickly attracted 1.6 million views on a 33-second video of her individual fancam for the song “GingaMingaYo” (the strange world). 

The reason why netizens are so fascinated by this video is because of Tsuki’s eye-catching facial expressions and great energy on stage. She boasts an incredible use of expressions as she changes them flexibly in just a few seconds, making her fancam so fun to watch. 

Tsuki’s viral video 

Plenty of non-fans are totally impressed by Tsuki‘s performance skills and are ready to join her fandom. Many netizens say that instead of idols who always show stiff expressions, they find watching someone with the ability to diversify expressions and a charming stage presence like Tsuki much more enjoyable. However, there are still some netizens who claim Tsuki’s expressions look forced and too “cartoonish”. 

  • I like her expressions. She is so full of energy, which suits the vibe of the song. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an idol with such good use of facial expressions, I can feel her energy while watching it. 
  • I’m not a fan nor know anything about this group, but I can see that she is a main dancer!
  • Why do I feel uncomfortable? She’s overdoing it so it doesn’t look natural. 
  • I can see why it goes viral but she doesn’t look very natural.
  • I’m not a fan but she is charming. She controls her expressions so well. I like idols with good expressions on stage.
  • Her expressions are different in each verse, better than those with only one expression the entire performance. 
Tsuki’s thumbnail that makes fans want to watch her fancam
Tsuki’s thumbnail that makes fans want to watch her fancam 
Tsuki (BILLLIE) – GingaMingaYo (the strange world) Full Fancam

BILLLIE is a 7-member girl group managed by Mystic Story (a subsidiary of SM).  The group just debuted in November 2021 but quickly had a member who made a strong impression on Kpop fans.  In the group, Tsuki takes on two roles as main dancer and sub vocalist.  The female idol was born in 2002, is a Japanese girl with the full name of Fukutomi Tsuki.

BILLLIE is a girl group under one of SM's subsidiaries
BILLLIE is a girl group under one of SM’s subsidiaries

It turns out that before debuting with BILLLIE, Tsuki once was trained at SM under the stage name Ravi.  The female idol has a good relationship with NingNing (aespa) and former SM Rookies trainee Koeun.  In addition, she was also a member of the Japanese group MAGICOUR, the sub-unit of the group 7+ME LINKTsuki had quite a bit of experience of working as an artist before making a debut in Korea.

Besides the recent viral clip, Tsuki also became a hot topic thanks to the flexible body-bending choreography in the debut song “RING X RING”.  The female idol is praised for her beauty and talent, and is one of the outstanding dancers of the new generation of Kpop.

She performs extremely flexible body-bending choreography
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