Unlike other celebrities, Han So-hee bought a villa in cash and prevented any tax evasion speculations

Actress Han So-hee received praises for purchasing a luxury villa after 6 years of hard work in full cash without taking any bank loan.

Han So-hee

Actress Han So-hee purchased a luxury villa in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do in full cash without taking any loan. Since several celebrities have recently been suspected of tax evasion and speculation as they established companies to take loans to buy real estate, Han So-hee’s “flex” action of “buying a house with my own money” is drawing keen attention.

According to the real estate industry, Han So-hee recently bought a villa in the Villadegreum W located at the entrance of Achiul Village in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do. It is said that Han So-hee had worked really hard and purchased the house a little cheaper than the known sale price of 2.1 billion won.

Fans speculated that the house Han So-hee bought in full cash without taking a bank loan could be the “house to live with my grandmother” she once mentioned. Han So-hee’s parents divorced when she was 5 years old and she was raised by her grandmother. She lived with her grandmother until she came to Seoul to debut as an actress.

Han So-hee

My grandmother is everything to me”, Han So-hee have expressed her affection for her grandmother many times. Whenever she posts photos of her grandmother on Instagram, she always writes “My everything” in the caption. In addition, the actress also saves her grandmother’s phone number as “My everything”. The big flower that Han So-hee tattooed inside her left forearm is her grandmother’s birth flower.

Han So-hee’s secret to buying a luxury villa after 6 years of her debut is hard work. The actress has been running nonstop ever since her debut. From the moment she became famous as “Ritz Girl” through the Ritz cracker advertisement, Han So-hee continued to carry out many activities and filmed lots of advertisements. Her value rose sharply after she appeared in JTBC’s drama “The World of the Married”, which made a big hit that year.

In particular, because of her sophisticated beauty and innocent vibe that are different from her unexpected past of having tattoos and smoking, Han So-hee has established herself as a “wannabe icon” for women in modern days. The hip atmosphere, trendyness, and sincerity shown through interviews have made Han So-hee a trending star.

Han So-hee

It is said that she bought a house with full cash for a good image, so the popular reaction of the public was positive. Earlier, actor Ryu Jun-yeol bought a building with ‘loan 90% of the sale price’ and made a profit of more than 4 billion won.

Earlier, Ryu Jun-yeol purchased land and buildings in Gangnam under the name of a private corporation in 2020. Of the purchase price of KRW 5.8 billion, KRW 5.2 billion is a loan. 90% of the sale price was set up as loans. It is known to be a 1.7 billion won loan out of 2.4 billion won in new construction costs.

It was said that the building was bought for the purpose of doing business with friends, but Ryu Jun-yeol sold the building two years after purchase and two months after completion. This led to suspicions that it was intended to make a big profit by using the price fluctuations.

Han So-hee said, “I want to live a proud life every moment without being ashamed.” Congratulations are pouring out because she has prepared her own house by working hard for years.

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