Rain – Kim Tae Hee, polite belly button greeting…Sweet chemistry of 7-year married couple

A video of singer-actor Rain greeting his senior actress and wife Kim Tae Hee was released, causing laughter.

Recently, an advertising company for which the two are working together as models released a making film showing the couple’s sweet chemistry.

Rain made everyone laugh as he approached his wife and did a belly button greeting. The editor added the subtitle “Belly button greeting with his wife”.


Moreover, even though they have been married for 7 years, they brightened up the surroundings with their sweetness like newlyweds.

Rain gave his wife acting guidance, “It’s important to make an expression as if you really feel hurt.” Kim Tae Hee laughed to the extent that she could not continue filming. Rain asked straight, “Honey, am I funny?” Hearing this, Kim Tae Hee burst into laughter and was stopped by Rain.


Meanwhile, Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married in 2017. They have two daughters.

Source: nate

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