Soundwave apologized after a staff member conveyed wrong facts to Yeri (Red Velvet) in a video call fansign

A staff member who showed a rude attitude to a fan during a video call fansign has later issued an apology. 

Recently, Red Velvet had a video call fansign and an unexpected incident took place. When fans couldn’t hear Yeri well due to the connection, one of the staff members misinterpreted and told Yeri:

They are just trying to take screenshots while saying they can’t hear to see your reaction. As soon as the call starts, they start continuously taking screenshots and intentionally say that to drag time and to see your reaction and post it straight on Twitter.

After the incident happened, the staff member was criticized for being disrespectful to fans. Many comments said that fans could have recorded the screen instead of taking screenshots to save time. The fan also posted a video cut on Twitter to prove that there was a real problem with the connection that made it difficult for her to hear the audio.

Eventually, Soundwave – the organizer of Red Velvet’s fansign, apologized to fans as follows:

“Hello. This is Soundwave. We are very sorry that there was an issue of staff communicating unclear facts to the artist during Yeri’s (Red Velvet) fansign today. We have realized the severity of the situation and special care will be taken to ensure such things do not happen again in the future. Once again, we sincerely apologize to the fans.”

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