The 2021 Melon Music Awards’ final result: Perfect Daesangs won by IU, BTS, aespa

IU, BTS, and aespa were the best singers of 2021.

MMA 2021 IU

At the Melon Music Awards (MMA 2021) held on the evening of December 4th, the grand prizes, including “Album of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, and “Record of the Year”, were achieved by IU, BTS and aespa, respectively.

IU won the “Album of the Year” for her 5th full album ‘LILAC’. Giving her acceptance speech, IU said, “I was given so many great awards today. I’m really nervous because it’s been a while since I last came to an award ceremony. Together with Artist of the Year, Top 10 Artist, Best Songwriter, and Best Solo Artist, IU gained a total of 5 awards at the “2021 MMA”.

MMA 2021 IU

While expressing her feelings, she said, “I listened to all the albums that were nominated. I was hungry for music and had been listening to all kinds of music as a listener throughout this year. As a person who enjoyed listening to music, I feel honored and even happier to receive this award.”

IU continued, “ ‘LILAC’ was the last album that I made in my 20s. From my 20 to the age of 29, it could be either a long or short time, but the only thing that I can be proud of myself as I have been busy working hard without a break every year. There were years when I wanted to take a rest regardless of achievements. However, as I wanted to get closer to fans, I made it a busy year again. Now I definitely feel thankful for that.”

IU confessed, “I cannot mention the name of every staff who had worked hard making ‘LILAC’ album here, but I’m really thankful to everyone. Next year, I will continue to work hard with my music life in my 30s.”

MMA 2021 BTS

BTS’s songs, such as “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”, have given happiness and comfort to not only Korean fans but also fans around the world. BTS has become a global icon whose influence has gone beyond the given name “Beatles of the 21st century”.

BTS won 5 categories at this year’s awards ceremony. After receiving the Best Song Awards, they expressed their feelings through a video, saying, “It is said that this year’s best song is given to the only one song that was loved the most out of about 630,000 songs released in 2021. Thanks to everyone’s love, we were able to achieve such a big award.”

They continued, “ ‘Butter’ was a summer song that we prepared for ARMY. We’re glad that this song has melted the hearts of many people smoothly as we wished. We will share this honor with everyone who had worked hard to make ‘Butter’. Thanks to your love for ‘Butter’, we have also had a happy 2021. We want to deliver our sincere thanks to ARMY for loving BTS music this year.”

MMA 2021 aespa

aespa won a grand prize at a big awards ceremony only a year after their debut. It is expected that the future of the girl group, who could now proudly introduce themselves as a global KPOP girl group with 3 consecutive hits, “Black Mamba”, “Next Level” and “Savage”, will shine even more. Especially, aespa drew attention by winning a total of 4 categories, including Top 10 Artist, New Artist of the Year (Female), Best Group (Female), and Record of the Year.

MMA 2021 Lim Young-woong
MMA 2021 Lee Mu-jin

Lim Young-woong achieved 2 prizes at this year’s Melon Music Awards, including Top 10 Artist and Best Male Artist. Meanwhile, the Best New Artist for Male artist was won by Lee Mu-jin.

MMA 2021 TXT

TXT won the Music Video of the Year at the 2021 MMA. During their acceptance speech, Subin said, “It was such a meaningful activity because we had worked really hard on the album released this year. That makes this award more meaningful to us. We will show you better music and MVs.”

TXT Yeonjun added, delivering a message to fans, “Thanks to our beloved MOAs, we were able to receive this award. Even though we couldn’t see each other, thanks to MOA’s love, we had promoted the song happily.”

The winners of the “2021 Melon Music Awards”

– Artist of the Year: IU

– Album of the Year: IU

– Best Song of the Year: BTS (“Butter”)

– Record of the Year: aespa

– Music Video of the Year: TXT

– TOP 10: AKMU, ASH ISLAND, NCT DREAM, Lil Boi, BTS, IU, aespa, Lim Young-woong, Lee Mu-jin, Heize

– Best Male/Female Group: BTS, aespa

– Best Male/Female Solo Artist: Lim Young-woong, IU

– Best OST: Lee Mu-jin (“Rain and You”)

– Best Music Style: Homies

– Best Collaboration: Coldplay – BTS (“My Universe”)

– Best Performance: The Boyz

– Best Performance Director: Son Sung-deuk

– Best Songwriter: IU

– Project Music: MSG Wannabe (M.O.M)

– Best New Male/Female Artist: Lee Mu-jin, aespa

– Global Rising Artist: Enhypen

– 1theK Original Content: StayC

– Hot Trend: Brave Girls

– Netizen Popularity Award: BTS


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