Korean actresses in their 40s who successfully portrayed 20-year-old characters

Regardless of their age, the following Korean actresses prove that they can transform into any role.

Age is the enemy of women because few people can maintain their appearance like in their 20s once they turn 40. However, some beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry are the exceptions. That’s why the following Korean actresses are absolutely confident in performing roles of the younger version of their characters on-screen instead of having younger actors to play instead. There are not many women in their 40s who can do that, and not everyone can achieve the desired effect.

Jang Nara

Whenever Jang Nara is mentioned, the public will immediately think of the word “ageless” because there’s not much difference between her current beauty when she is 40 and when she was 20. Thus, Jang Nara is very confident in playing roles that are younger than her real age in the productions she stars in. Sometimes, she even plays the 20-year-old self of her own character to prove her timeless beauty.


In the series Go Back Couple, Jang Nara plays a beaten down housewife in her 40s. She then gets the chance to go back in time, to her student days in her twenties to start all over. Jang Nara excellently portrays the dual roles of a housewife with a low self-esteem and a young, enthusiastic student. The actress gets many praises for her flawless appearance. The viewers even wonder which of these two characters is the real life age of Jang Nara.

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is now 41 years old. In fact, after giving birth twice, the beautiful actress can no longer keep her youthful and flawless beauty like when she was young, but that doesn’t mean she has gotten any less pretty. The proof is that Kim Tae Hee still plays both the roles of an unhappy U40 mother and her character in the past when she was 20 young in the drama Hi Bye Mama.


The scenes where she transforms into a young student in her 20s look absolutely sweet and adorable. The audiences still recognize Kim Tae Hee with the same legendary visuals over the years. Although it is not possible to perfectly replicate the look of a 20-year-old and the scene is not too long, looking at the goddess, many viewers can’t help but admire that she does not look awkward in these scenes at all, instead her beauty is totally radiant and refreshing.

Ha Ji Won

Among the beautiful Korean celebrities in their 40s, Ha Ji Won is another actress who doesn’t age. Therefore, she always has the opportunity to restore a youthful appearance by playing characters who are younger than her real age. Moreover, Ha Ji Won also smoothly acted in scenes when she had to portray a high school student even when she was turning 40.


In the drama The Time We Were Not In Love, in the role of a beautiful 34-year-old woman, Ha Ji Won was also in charge of the scene when her character was still a highschooler in a uniform. Because the drama tells the story of a pair of close friends from high school who turn into lovers when they become adults, the drama has many scenes filmed in a school setting. Ha Ji Won did a good job portraying a fierce student, by showcasing “immature and rebellious” facial expressions.

Kim Hee Sun

One of the most beautiful monuments of Korea’s 7x celebrities in the 2000s is Kim Hee Sun. Over the years, many young actors have become famous, but people still mention her with compliments for a Korean beauty monument. Kim Hee Sun keeps her beauty very well, even though she is U50, her face has not changed much compared to when she was young.


In the past 2020, Kim Hee Sun had an impressive comeback in the series ‘Alice’ with the theme of space travel. More specifically, Kim Hee Sun also plays two roles. One role is a woman who now has an adult child, which can be said to be suitable for her age, and the other is a young university student in her 20s. But this incarnation is a bit disappointing. Many people think that although Kim Hee Sun straightened her hair to look younger, playing the role of a student in her 20s is a bit stiff. The visual distance between the two characters is not too far, even though they are people of two generations, perhaps next time she should let a young actor play the role when she is young.

In addition, before that, Kim Hee Sun also played the role of a mother but pretended to be a high school student to enter the school her daughter went to, but no one suspected even though her and Kim Yoo Jung’s faces were clear. There’s a huge age gap. Kim Hee Sun is very pretty but the Korean script writer seems to be a bit too far from reality.

Han Ji Min

Speaking of ageless beauty in Korea, Han Ji Min is definitely indispensable. This beautiful lady who is in her 40s can still be paired with much younger juniors, creating beautiful love stories in the dramas that are not awkward at all. And age has never been an issue when Han Ji Min chose the role as a schoolgirl in her twenties.


In the movie ‘Family Wife’, it is also the story of a couple traveling through space. After living together for many years and having marital problems, they had the opportunity to return to the past when they were students to change their life decisions. In this movie, Han Ji Min showed the power of lasting beauty with scenes from her school days.  No need to be too fussy about shaping, the actress still completely turned back to her 20s ro wear a school uniform to play a sweet schoolgirl. A pretty face with extremely charming dimples has contributed a lot to help Han Ji Min “saw horns” so high.

Well, as long as you don’t look younger than your actual age, you can’t handle anything. The beautiful women in their 40s and 50s above each chose a suitable way to play the role, but not all of them succeeded. However, the audiences still have to admit that they put a lot of effort into bringing realism to the role. 

Source: DAN

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