How did Lisa become the only contestant casted by YG through an audition 9 years ago?

And now, Lisa is an irreplaceable puzzle piece of the top K-Pop girl group at the moment – BLACKPINK.

It has been 3 years since BLACKPINK’s debut. Through many different ways with ups and downs, 4 pieces of BLACKPINK have met each other to become BLACKPINK and survive in the K-Pop harsh environment. Lisa was lucky to become the only contestant chosen by YG to become a trainee after an audition in her homeland 9 years ago. Recently, a judge of that audition in Thailand has revealed the reason why he picked Lisa.

Lisa was the only contestant to be chosen at an YG audition in Thailand 9 years ago.

The audition that year didn’t attract just the Thailand talented youth but also many Koreans living there. There was a lot of contestants signed up for the audition, but there was only one who was able to impress Danny Im (1TYM). That’s Lisa.

The reason revealed by Danny Im: “She seemed promising and was full of confidence. I will never forget the moment when she jumped off the stage, right in front of my eyes. I realized that only the ones with enough bravery and confidence can do that.” Not just that, Danny Im was interested in Lisa’s offstage attitude which is very humble and well-mannered.

Lisa left a strong impression thanks to her confidence and performing instinct.

Now, Lisa has shown that the judges 9 years ago were right. The confident girl in Thailand 9 years ago is now a multi-talented dancer, rapper and one of the top performers of K-Pop. She contributes a big part in BLACKPINK’s today success.

Thanks god that Lisa done a good job at the audition 9 years ago to become an essential piece of BLACKPINK now.

Sources: k14

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