BIGBANG Taeyang cleared up rumors of feud with his wife Min Hyo Rin

Taeyang, a member of boy group BIGBANG, cleared up rumors of bad relationship with his wife Min Hyo Rin by showing an affectionate side. 

On January 16th, BIGBANG Taeyang appeared in a video titled “The real reason why Taeyang and Jimin’s world views collided?”, which was published on the YouTube channel 1theK Original. 


Here, the male idol gushed about his beautiful son, who resembles his wife Min Hyo Rin, and is so pretty he is often mistaken for a daughter.

At the same time, he corrected several misinformation surrounding his family. 

In particular, when checking his profile on Korean information page Namuwiki, Taeyang discovered that his son’s birthday was written to be in December 2021. He then reinstated, “That’s wrong, my baby was born in November 2021. Please fix it to November”, adding that the son recently had his first birthday.


In addition, Taeyang also talked about how he enjoys cooking and how Min Hyo Rin enjoys his food, clearing up rumors of a feud between him and Min Hyo Rin. Previously, Taeyang deleted all of his Instagram posts, including photos with his wife, causing these kinds of rumors to rise. 

However, seeing how he affectionately mentioned his son and wife and showed unwavering love, the rumored feud should be groundless. 

Source: Nate

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