“Dating idol trainee + sponsor proposal” Beautiful club DJ confessed her concerns

A woman working as a club DJ confessed that it is difficult to have a serious relationship because of her job.

A 24-year-old DJ girl appeared on KBS Joy’s “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller”, which aired on Jan 16th, and revealed her concerns.

DJ Club

On this day, the storyteller said, “I want to have a boyfriend, but it’s difficult since I work as a DJ. I want to seriously date a man who will look at my inner side.

She then caused a shock by revealing the experience of receiving a sponsor proposal, “There were people who strangely approached me and said ‘I’ll support you financially’ when I went to business meetings.

She also revealed her past dating experience, “My longest romantic relationship lasted 6 months. At that time, my boyfriend was an idol trainee. He couldn’t debut because he gave up. We had the happiest moments and got along well, but we broke up in tears as the situation was hard for both of us.

DJ Club
DJ Club

In particular, the storyteller talked about the men she met, “At first, they said they understood everything, but later they interfered by saying, ‘Why are you wearing gaudy clothes?’ There were many men who cheated on me.

DJ Club

When Lee Soo Geun suggested pursuing a natural meeting, the storyteller confessed, “I’ve been busy doing my job. I feel so lonely living alone. I drink a lot alone.

Regarding her lifestyle, the storyteller explained, “I go to work at 10 PM and work until 7 AM. On weekdays, I prepare music and learn composition. My performances are mainly on weekends.

DJ Club

Seo Jang Hoon asked the storyteller, “Have you ever dated an office worker?” When the storyteller replied “No“, he advised, “Why don’t you date someone with a regular lifestyle? Date an office worker. You’ll be able to have a stable relationship.

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