Abandoning the position of “JYP princess”, how will Suzy benefit?

After nearly 10 years since her debut, Suzy finally decided to leave JYP, the company that made her name. What are the benefits from this move of a former MissA member?

Recently JYP side officially announced: “Although the contract has ended, the company will still support Suzy on the future path.” After nearly a decade of working under one of the Big 3 companies, Suzy probably decided to find a new home to continue her career.

The following are probably the advantages that Suzy will have for her career after leaving JYP.

Suzy has officially left JYP

Develop a solo music career

Although still being “pampered” by JYP during the time of operation with a series of film projects, commercials, .. as well as gaining a lot of success in the music career with hits such as “Dream”, “First Love”, however, fans are still waiting for a Suzy with her really stylish, colorful songs, not the sadly sad ballads like before.

“Dream” MV – Suzy, Baekhyun

In addition, JYP has just released the girl group ITZY, along with TWICE being at the peak of its career, it is clear that the company will not be able to concentrate fully on Suzy. Moreover, the fact that Ahgase is very upset when GOT7 is not being promoted in Korea is also a concern for President Park Jin Young. Investing in Stray Kids is also important when Big Hit’s “4th generation” groups has debuted and YG are also pushing for the latest projects.

Stray Kids will prepare to be the rival of TXT and Treasure Box in the future
Therefore, changing to a new company will make Suzy develop her own musical ability, especially when she herself possesses a sweet voice.

Improve the acting skills

Being a lovely girl from her looks to her character, with her innocent and compassionate beauty, Suzy is known for her status as the “national first love”, however, the acting skills of former Miss A member still received mixed opinions from fans.

Becoming popular from the two series of “Dream High”, Suzy won the “Best New Actress” award at KBS Drama Awards. Since then Suzy has become a familiar face on the small screen with the films like “Gu Family Book”, “Uncontrollably fond”, “While you were sleeping”, … However, even until now, Suzy’s talent has not yet been fully acknowledged, many people think that her acting is still not good enough.
Suzy and Lee Jong Suk in “While you were sleeping”

Recently, the media reported that Suzy is negotiating for Soop Management – the management company of actors Gong Yoo, Jung Yumi, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Jae Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Jeon Do Yeon.

If everything succeeds, Suzy will operate in a company that owns a series of A-list actors with impressive achievements, which is also an opportunity for her to improve her acting ability in a full environment of great seniors.

Get rid of the long-term safety image

During nearly 10 years of artistic activities, Suzy’s “national love” has brought a lot of attention from the public, but it is also a barrier that makes Suzy’s image always associated with a naive, sweet vibe. In the old company, her image and personality did not give the audience a sense of innovation and diversity.

Suzy’s familiar image throughout her career

After leaving JYP, perhaps fans also expect the old blatant Suzy to change in both musical and acting section with a new, more colorful image. It will be an opportunity for Suzy to prove to the public about her talents.


Obviously, leaving JYP after a while will be a big mark for Suzy’s career as she is now able to change and gives the public a new image. Perhaps now fans are waiting for a breakthrough and shine when Bae Suzy is no longer associated with the name JYP.

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