Kim Min-gyu made everyone gasped by his visual on yesterday “Group X Battle”

Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim Min-kyu showed off his legendary visuals on the X Battle stage, making fans excited.

On Mnet’s “Produce X 101” on the 24th, the trainees battled in “Group X Battle” where they competed with each other through hit songs by idol male groups.

The “Six stone” team, consisting of trainees Kim Dong-bin, Kim Min-kyu, Koo Jeong-mo, Lee Jin-woo, Lee Mi-dam and Song Hyung-joon, participate in this round with NCT U’s “The 7th Sense”.

The stage began, and the “Six stone” team has prepared for their positions.

At the beginning of the song, Kim Min-kyu’s face appeared. Kim Min-gyu’s dazzling visuals under the light made everyone at the scene had to exclaim.

When Kim Min-gyu was shown on the monitor in the waiting room, the trainees exclaimed, “Wow~.”

At the end of the stage, Kim Min-gyu drew attention by showing off his visual which left everyone in awe.

Although Kim Min-kyu’s “The 7th Sense” team lost the match against their opponent, he still topped the team with 78 votes.

However, because he lost the team competition, Kim settled for the final 55th place in the rankings after adding 3,000 votes.

Sources: dispatch

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