“First drama in 32-year acting career” Song Kang-ho will appear in “Uncle Samsik”

Song Kang-ho will appear in a drama for the first time in 32 years.

The new drama series “Uncle Samsik” announced on August 30th, “Actor Song Kang-ho confirmed his appearance in ‘Uncle Samsik’ (directed by Shin Yeon-sik).

Song Kang Ho

“Uncle Samsik” (directed and written by Shin Yeon-sik) is a drama dealing with the passionate desire and bromance of two men “Uncle Samsik” and “Kim San”, who survived the turbulent period in the early 1960s. Two fictional characters “Uncle Samsik” and the super elite “Kim San”, who said “We ate three meals a day even during the war”, will write a story of love, faith and doubt.

“Uncle Samsik” is drawing keen attention as the first drama series to be registered in the filmography of actor Song Kang-ho, who needs no further explanation. Song Kang-ho, who has constantly communicated with the audience through the screen for the past 32 years, rewrote Korean film history as he became the first Korean to win Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival. He will finally meet viewers through the small screen with “Uncle Samsik”.

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Above all, “Uncle Samsik” is significant in that Song Kang-ho once again joined hands with director Shin Yeon-sik, who worked together with him in movies “One Win” and “Cobweb”. Director Shin was in charge of directing, penning and producing the first Korean volleyball film “One Win” starring Song Kang-ho. He also participated in the script and co-production of “Cobweb” (directed by Kim Ji-woon).

The production company Slingshot Studios said, “Samsik, the main character of the 10-episode drama series ‘Uncle Samsik’, is a person with a variety of narratives. It is expected that actor Song Kang-ho will inspire vitality into such a character. We will produce a well-made work with high quality and present it to viewers.

Meanwhile, “Uncle Samsik” is currently discussing the formation.

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