PD Kim Tae Ho picked “this” as the legendary episode on “Infinite Challenge” 

“Infinite Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho picked “Perfect Sense” as the funniest episode. 

On KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”. Which aired on December 23rd, PD Kim Tae Ho, who directed MBC’s program “Infinite Challenge”, appeared and shared some talks with Park Myung Soo.

kim tae ho

When asked to choose the most interesting episode of “Infinite Challenge”, PD Kim Tae Ho said, “It’s the helicopter hidden camera episode”.

He explained, “We didn’t have enough footage for the broadcast that week, so I prepared a helicopter hidden camera section that just came to my mind at dawn the day before the recording. It worked.”

yoo jae suk infinity challenge
yoo jae suk infinity challenge

The “helicopter hidden camera” section mentioned by PD Kim Tae Ho is the opening scene of·MBC’s “Infinite Challenge – Perfect Sense episode” aired in 2016.

On the broadcast, the production team suddenly put an eye patch on Yoo Jae Suk and other Infinite Challenge members then took them to a heliport. Next, they turned on a strong fan and a recording of the helicopter sound, making the members feel as if they were really at a heliport.

yoo jae suk infinity challenge
yoo jae suk infinity challenge

The staff then led the members, who were blindfolded, into a van and continued to act like they were about to go skydiving. The members, who were deceived without reason, stomped their feet and screamed in mental breakdown.

yoo jae suk infinity challenge
yoo jae suk infinity challenge

On the other hand, PD Kim Tae Ho picked the “Zombie Special” as the most disappointing episode. “Zombie Special” is an episode that the production team worked hard on by investing a large fund and manpower. However, after the broadcast, fans commented that it was “one of the worst dark pasts of Infinite Challenge”.

kim tae ho yoo jae suk infinity challenge

In response to PD Kim Tae Ho’s choices, netizens on the online community theqoo reacted, “The hidden camera episode is really a legend”, “They made it in a hurry, but it was a big hit”, “I still watch that episode again sometimes”, etc. 

Source: wikitree

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