Kim Junsu mentioned his ex-girlfriend Hani, “There was a scandal, but it’s absolutely not Kei”

JYJ Kim Junsu once again denied dating rumors with Lovelyz member Kei.

On the September 14th episode of the Channel A program “Groom’s Class” (literal translation), JYJ Kim Junsu strongly refuted dating rumors surrounding him and Kei – a member of Lovelyz. 

In particular, Kim Junsu met Park Hae Mi, a senior musical actress on this day. Immediately after she sat down, the actress mentioned the show’s couple Mo Tae Beom and Im Sarang, saying, “You looked so happy together.”

groom class

While they are discussing the topic of love, Kim Junsu revealed that he gets anxious as the years go by. He also added, “In the past, I didn’t understand it when people say that love cells die, but now I think some of mine are indeed dead.”

“There are a lot of things I’m careful about, so I close my mind a lot. I used to have the mindset of a carnivore, but now I’m more of a herbivore,” the male idol confessed. 

groom class

Park Hae Mi then arranged a natural meeting for Kim Junsu, and actress Hwak Seok Jeong ended up sitting in front of the male idol with excitement. Park Hae Mi then laughed, saying, “I don’t know if it’s right to introduce you guys.”

The actress then added, “Junsu is my younger brother, my musical junior, he’s a solid guy. He has no scandal with women, either”. 

She then invoked laughter by saying, “There isn’t, is there?”, to which Shin Bong Sun and Lee Seung Cheol jabbed at Kim Junsu, saying, “We know a few”. 

In response, Junsu light-heartedly argued, “It’s really a misunderstanding! Not many!”

As Lee Seung Cheol made a bewildered face, Shin Bong Sun explained, “Junsu had a scandal with a junior friend a while ago. He was embroiled in a rumor about his romantic relationship with Kei from Lovelyz. He quickly denied it, however.”

Then, everyone laughed as Lee Seung Cheol said, “They are more like family members.”

Finally, Kim Junsu, who recalled his relationship with EXID Hani back in 2016, admitted to Park Hae Mi, “There was. There was one.”

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