Actor Park Bo Gum visited BTS concert with the ticket he bought himself

Actor Park Bo Gum reportedly purchased tickets for BTS’ Hong Kong concert and visited the concert.

On May 29, “BANGTAN BOMB” was released on YouTube, showing the behind-the-scenes story of BTS’ concert in Hong Kong. In the video, we can see Park Bo Gum made a surprise appearance at the concert.

After the concert, BTS members went to the waiting room on the news that they had a surprise guest, Park Bo Gum was waiting for them there. Park Bo Gum, in particular, greeted BTS members brightly, wearing the headband of BT21 character “Cooky” made in collaboration with Line and holding Army bomb in his hand. The actor was dressing in white T-shirts and jeans, which seemed to be matching with BTS members.

The members who saw him said in surprise “I didn’t even imagine!”, “Bo Gum is here? “What’s that?”, “Is Bo Gum’s bias Jung Kook?”. J-Hope asked V who was closed with Park Bo Gum “Did you know he was coming?” and V replied, “No, he didn’t tell me.

I had a fan meeting here in Hong Kong last week,” Park Bo Gum explained to the members who were in surprise. When V asked, “Who did you talk to about the ticket?” Park Bo Gum said he personally bought the ticket, which made everyone surprised. “I won’t be able to buy you a ticket now even if you ask me to,” Suga said.

J-Hope then said, “I want to go to the fan meeting of Bo Gum,” and Suga also said, “I’ll go to his fan meeting next time.” RM also belatedly introduced Park Bo Gum as “the best actor in Korea.” The members, who couldn’t visit Park Bo Gum’s fan meeting due to the lack of time, concluded warmly and said, “Let’s go to his concert next time.

Meanwhile, BTS successfully wrapped up their Hong Kong concert of BTS WORLD TOUR “LOVE YOURSELF,” which began on May 20 and lasted for four days.

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