BLACKPINK sets 3 Guiness’ World Records 

The list of achievements from Kpop girl group BLACKPINK continues to grow with 3 Guiness’ World Records

Now in their 7th year, BLACKPINK has cemented their position in the Kpop industry. Their return with the 2nd full album and world tour “BORN PINK” once again prove the intense success of BLACKPINK, and 3 Guiness World Records have added to it. 

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BLACKPINK has set 3 Guiness World Record

In particular, with “Born Pink” and the “Ready For Love” MV, BLACKPINK made it to Guiness’ World Record for being the First Kpop group to reach No.1 on the UK albums chart (female), the First Kpop group to reach No.1 on the US albums chart (female), and the First winner of the Best Metaverse Performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. It seems that 2022 has been a glorious year for the YG girl group.

BLACKPINK guinness
BLACKPINK guinness
BLACKPINK guinness
BLACKPINK’s record on Guiness’ homepage 
BLACKPINK was also named Entertainer of the Year by Time Magazine

With such achievements, however, BLACKPINK was still mocked by anti-fans for having never won any Grand Prize (Daesang) at a Korean awards ceremony. This is a one-of-a-kind situation for a Kpop group, to the point the group was said to be Korea’s “ignored artist” during their promotion with “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. 

Nevertheless, as BLACKPINK has established a name for themselves in global awards ceremonies and achieved a next-level popularity, the group has proven that they need no Daesang to shine. 

Source: k14

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