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Female idols who were mistreated by the cast of “Knowing Bros” 

“Knowing Bros” is an extremely popular TV program in Korea. However, the program’s cast members can be extremely insensitive with their remarks and jokes, enraging fans when their idols are mistreated on the show. Even more controversial, the target of these insensitive remarks and jokes are mostly female Kpop idols. 

gidle knowing bros
Female idols who were mistreated by the cast of “Knowing Bros” 

Recently, to promote for their new title song “Nxde”, girl group (G)I-DLE appeared on the October 29th episode of “Knowing Bros”. Here, while discussing about the “sex icon” Marilyn Monroe, Lee Sang Min suddenly asked if (G)I-DLE members sleep while not wearing clothes. 

gidle knowing bros
Lee Sang Min suddenly asked if (G)I-DLE members sleep while not wearing clothes

As the members remained silent, Lee Sang Min singled out Shuhua and said, “From her expression, I guess that she sleeps nude.” Soyeon eventually had to step up and said, “What are you thinking? We all sleep with clothes on. You can sleep bare all you want, however.”

gi-dle knowing bros
Soyeon ended up having to defend Shuhua

Lee Sang Min’s remarks towards (G)I-DLE and Shuhua have since been heavily condemned by Korean netizens. Some pointed out the singer’s comment can be considered harassment, as it’s a sensitive subject.

super junior shindong knowing bros
Shindong targeted Shuhua’s Korean skills

Furthermore, in another episode with (G)I-DLE, the “Knowing Bros” cast also made Shuhua uncomfortable. In particular, Jang Sung Gyu said that Shuhua had difficulties while speaking Korean on variety shows, to which the female idol denied. Hearing this, Shindong added, “It’s not difficult for Shuhua, but it’s difficult for us to understand her Korean.”

gidle knowing shuhua bros
The male idol basically criticized Shuhua and said it’s difficult to understand her 

Shindong‘s comment about Shuhua angered viewers. They accused Shindong of bringing down his junior. Shuhua is a foreigner and has been trying very hard to communicate fluently in Korean. That is to be appreciated and encouraged rather than disparaged.

Fans suggested Shindong apologize to Shuhua
Shuhua has reassured fans that she was not hurt.

During her guest appearance on “Knowing Bros”, Red Velvet’s leader Irene shared that her hobby is ironing. Hearing this, Heechul took off his shirt and threw it at Irene and told her, “Hey, iron this!”

red velvet irene knowing bros
Irene froze when Heechul threw his shirt at her 

Heechul’s distasteful joke made Irene stunned. She was speechless for a moment, then threw the shirt back to Heechul. Despite the two being close, viewers thought Heechul’s joke had crossed the line. 

red velvet irene knowing bros
Heelchul and Irene had fun together on the show.
red velvet irene kim hee chul
The two are labelmates and are close in real life 

Source: Yan News

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