“You Quiz” Honey Lee “Kim Tae Hee, Jesus of Seoul National University…I played the role of her bodyguard”

Actress Honey Lee revealed her special relationship with Kim Tae Hee.

Honey Lee appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block“, which aired on Jan 18th.

Honey Lee you quiz

Honey Lee attended Seoul National University. She said she dreamed of becoming an artist after meeting Kim Tae Hee at university. Honey Lee caused laughter by confessing, “She was a very famous senior. She was the Jesus of the campus. I couldn’t do anything wrong when I was with her. People used to watch her sleep, so I acted like a bodyguard and told them, ‘Don’t look!’

Honey Lee you quiz

She continued, “I went to the ski club and they were playing so nicely. I wondered what they were doing, so I climbed on the table and set the mood. Then Kim Tae Hee said, ‘Someone like you should do this kind of thing.’

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity 2 years older than her in 2021 and gave birth to a daughter in June last year. She met the audience with the movie “Phantom”, which was released today (Jan 18th).

Source: Daum

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