Short hair vs Long hair… It’s hard to choose which one suits IVE’s Gaeul better

IVE member Gaeul caught the eyes of netizens with her appearance transformation between long hair and short hair.

Gaeul was introduced with a long hairstyle when she debuted. She captivated fans’ hearts with her pure and elegant beauty.

However, she gave off a 180-degree mood after changing her image with bob hair for the promotion of IVE’s second mini album “Love Dive”.

Therefore, netizens recently raised a discussion on Gaeul’s appearances in long hair and short hair to find out what hairstyle suits Gaeul better. As a result, the opinions were divided.

They commented, “Looking back on the past photos, her long hair is so pretty”, “She looks more attractive with short hair”, “Short hair obviously suits Gaeul sunbae better”, “I like her with dark-colored short hair”, “She’s beautiful with both styles”, etc.

Meanwhile, IVE members are actively carrying out promotion activities after releasing their third mini album “After LIKE”.

Source: dispatch

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