Kim Jong-kook updates new exercising photos amid doping allegations

Singer Kim Jong-guk revealed his peaceful daily life on SNS.

On November 10th, Kim Jong-kook shared a photo via his Instagram story, saying, “The first snow that has been touched by no one.

Kim jong kook instagram

The singer posted a photo of himself touching white snow while climbing Halla Mountain in Jeju Island. In the meantime, he announced his recent status with keywords such as “lower body,” “cardio,” and “done in one time.” He then expressed his extraordinary will to exercise, saying, “Let’s go on a plane and do the upper body exercise now.”

Kim jongkook instagram
Kim Jong-kook’s Instagram.

Users of the online community who saw the photo responded, “He’s indeed crazy,” “Suddenly Halla Mountain?” “Crazy Gymer,” “You did cardio with your lower body, why are you going to do your upper body next,” and “Halla Mountain???

Recently, some overseas YouTubers and other domestic health-related YouTubers have raised suspicions of “drugs” against Kim Jong-kook. In response, he strongly denied, saying, “With steady mental strength alone, my male hormone reaches 9.24 at the age of 46,” adding, “You can do it too.

Nevertheless, as the controversy continues, he said, “I will do all related tests sequentially. I will not exclude a single illegal drug updated until the latest in 2022 and will conduct all of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)’s 391 doping tests.

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