“The Glory” Yeom Hye Ran shows off her cheerfulness in Elle photoshoot

Yeom Hye Ran puts on red lipstick and enjoys leisure moments after “The Glory” in a new magazine shoot.

The actress Yeom Hye Ran, who received love for her acting performance as Kang Hyeon Nam in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, unveiled her happy smile through the April issue of fashion magazine Elle.

Yeom Hye-ran

In the photoshoot, Yeom Hye Ran presented her naturally bright energy and cheerfulness with her refreshing smile. Under the concept of “Kang Hyeon Nam’s Vacation”, the photoshoot depicts a new image of Kang Hyeon Nam living a happy life after her ending in the drama.

In an interview conducted along with the photo shoot, the actress, who received favorable reviews for her acting after the release of “The Glory” Part 2, shared, “I was very happy about this shooting project because I wanted to show you my smiling face. It would be even better if my daughter Sun Ah (Choi Soo In) were able to be here with me.”

yeom hye ran

Yeom Hye Ran recalled the filming and said, “When we get in the car together for the first time in the drama, Sun Ah says, ‘Mom, you’re so cool. Let’s listen to our oppas’ songs!’. The scene where we go to the beach together was probably the only scene where the two of us laughed to the fullest. The weather during the shoot was also really nice. When Sun Ah sees her mom driving for the first time, she is very surprised. Sun Ah, who has an image of a deeply mature and tough daughter, suddenly looks like a baby full of innocence and brightness. That’s the charm in the writing skills of writer Kim Eun Sook, who can portray characters beyond our expectations. The scene reminds me that I want to protect Sun Ah’s cheerfulness, which I seem to have forgotten about.”

yeom hye ran

When asked about her imagination of Kang Hyeon Nam when acting, Yeom Hye Ran replied, “I thought about the brightness that comes naturally from this woman’s liveliness in her happy times rather than the darkness. In Part 2, Hyeon Nam starts to stretch and awaken with greater energy. This woman has experienced tremendous changes like the growing up period so I wondered where she would be heading after this. This character made me think more about her future rather than her past.”

Regarding Hyeon Nam’s love for her daughter, the actress explained, “I think everyone is already tired of mythical motherhood stories, right? However, in our drama, there are various mothers, including bad mothers and mothers who give distorted love. Hyeon Nam shows unconditional maternal love, but that doesn’t mean she endures everything just for her daughter. Hyeon Nam stands tall and saves her daughter, and the whole story is about the growth of both her daughter and herself together.”

yeom hye ran

Lastly, when asked about her favorite kind of “ajumma (old woman)” in real life, Yeom Hye Ran, as an actress who has expanded her spectrum of “ajumma” acting, said, “It would be disappointing for other ajummas if I choose only one. I like brave ajummas who know how to speak up for what they believe is right, or who quietly put it into practice.” 

Yeom Hye Ran’s passionate acting helped viewers look at the life of Kang Hyeon Nam, who dreams of the future while suffering from domestic violence and smile painfully in her tears of joy and sorrow at the end of everything, from a closer range. Her shining presence is expected to continue in Netflix’s upcoming series “Mask Girl”, which is set to premiere in the third quarter of this year. In addition, the actress is currently filming for tvN’s “The Uncanny Counter 2”.

More pictorials and interviews of Yeom Hye Ran can be found in “Elle” April issue and the official website.

Source: Nate

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