Former NMIXX Jinni to join The Black Label, in discussion for solo debut?

Jinni, a former member of JYP girl group NMIXX, is allegedly discussing signing an exclusive contract with The Black Label. 

According to Korean media outlet Newsen, an industry official revealed that former NMIXX member Jinni is in discussion to sign with a new company to continue her entertainment activities. 


In addition, there were rumors that Jinni will be making her solo debut in April, though there has been no definite information. 

On the other hand, Jinni opened an Instagram account after suddenly leaving NMIXX, quickling attracting over 1 million followers. It is known that Peter Chun, the global PR director of The Black Label, has followed Jinni on Instagram, sparking speculations that Jinni is joining The Black Label. 


News surrounding Jinni’s Instagram, resumption of entertainment activities, and allegedly joining The Black Label are garnering huge attention and drawing mixed responses. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I heard that The Black Label is recruiting members for Teddy’s new girl group… Maybe Jinni was one of them?
  • Maybe Peter Chun just followed her for fun? It’s still too early to say anything
  • If she’s joining The Black Label’s new girl group, she would make a personal account 
  • May Jinni will debut solo like Somi, who also left JYP for The Black Label
  • But why did she leave NMIXX again? She debuted not long ago and trained at JYP for a really long time…
  • I thought she left NMIXX due to poor health or personal matters, but looking at her Instagram, I’m not sure…
  • NMIXX fans must be feeling really sad right now.

Source: Pann, Newsen

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