Jennie shone brightly at Cannes Film Festival, “She generated 2.5 billion won in Media Impacted Value”

BLACKPINK Jennie topped the Media Impacted Value (MIV) at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which ended on May 27th.

According to the U.S fashion media outlet WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) on May 31st, this year’s Cannes Film Festival generated a total of 13 billion dollars in MIV. Citing a data analysis by Launchmetrics, the media said, “With the global popularity of K-pop and BLACKPINK, it is not surprising that Jennie claimed the No.1 spot in MIV with a record of 1.9 million dollars (about 2.5 billion won).”


MIV calculates the monetary value that stars and influencers gain through their appearances in various media, including SNS. It takes into account factors such as media influence, content quality, and virality.

Jennie made her acting debut through HBO’s series “The Idol”. The drama was invited to the non-competitive section of the Cannes Film Festival so Jennie attended the red carpet event together with Lily Rose Depp, The Weeknd, and Troye Sivan. In particular, Jennie made headlines when she appeared on the red carpet wearing clothes from the luxury brand Chanel for which she is working as an ambassador.


WWD also emphasized that Jennie has been Chanel’s ambassador since 2017, stating, “Jennie contributed significantly to Chanel’s overall MIV at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Chanel earned 26.2 million dollars and secured 4th place among luxury brands. Chopard claimed the top spot, followed by Dior in 2nd place and L’Oréal in 3rd place.”

Meanwhile, Jennie currently has 79 million followers on Instagram.

Source: Etoday

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